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About This Blog

Sudheerrai.com is where Sudheer posts tips, thoughts and advice on the Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Traffic Conversion. The aim is to teach small and solo businesses ways you can create compelling resources, provide your audience more value, build trust and loyalty, and generate more revenue.

Who Is Sudheer Rai?

Sudheer Rai is an online business consultant, teacher, coach, Digital Marketing Consultant, writer and all-round web geek. He has been involved in several company and has written for some of the web’s best-loved blogs.

Although he has been “online” since the 2007’s, it was in 2015 Sudheer first became addicted to the World Wide Web. Since then he has helped thousands of individuals, non-profits, “mom-and-pop” businesses and blue chips.

While his advertising agency career had Sudheer working with household name brands such as Greenhandle, Kanti Enterprises, Glamourincity, Fabexport, Dvdasjobs, 3c-Critical Health Care, , amongst others, now he mostly concentrates on helping smaller advice-based businesses, such as consultants, authors, freelancers, speakers and coaches.

From Marketing Agencies to Freelancer

In 2016 Sudheer left the advertising agency world and founded a company to help smaller businesses and solo-entrepreneurs profit from their skills, knowledge, and experience, achieve more with Online Media, and grow audiences of people who know, like and trust them.

As well as coaching and training companies and individuals, Sudheer also regularly writes blogs and products reviews of the other brands.

Greenhandle Products Pvt Ltd

Sudheer recently (Mar 2017) joined the team at Greenhandle.in to create the awareness between the peoples about eco-friendly products and helps to make the environment pollution free. The whole idea of greenhandle is to produce the recycled products and nature-friendly products in the market.

Nubello Aesthetics Clinic

Sudheer recently (July 2017) joined the team at nubelloaesthetics.com to create the awareness between the peoples about Beauty and Cosmetics and how be confident and be beautiful can change your life. The aim of Nubello Aesthetics is to provide high quality beauty and fitness related surgery at very reasonable price so that a comman man can also transform themselves as per the modern era.

Sudheer does “Other Stuff” …

He has a personal blog for lighter topics and anything that doesn’t fit here. While working, he loves to visit new places, doing adventure things and meet maximum peoples.

Press Releases

Sudheer does post press releases or write about press releases. If you have an interesting piece of news to share then please do copy and paste press releases into the contact form or email, it will be published!

Product Reviews

Occasionally Sudheer will review products. Some of these products are purchased, some are sent for review, but there are NO paid reviews on this blog, and positive reviews are never promised. From time to time the links to products could be affiliate links which mean if you purchase through the link there may be a commission. At no point does this relationship alter the nature of the article, recommendations are only made when genuinely beneficial. Contact Sudheer if you would like your product reviewed, but keep in mind reviews are not guaranteed to be posted, particularly if the review is likely to be negative.

Finally …

Sudheer was born in Rusulpur, Sitamarhi, Bihar in 1991. You can’t tell he is from Bihar from his accent but he has been known to say “Eh?”. He lived in the Baddi, Himachal Pradesh for most of his life but now lives in Mumbai with his wife and Son. In the family hierarchy, Sudheer comes last.

Sudheer only writes in the third person when he wants to gain a better Google ranking for his own name. He hopes people will forgive him this once…

Sudheer Rai