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20 Worst Date Ideas You Need To Avoid.

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  1. Watch a Horror movie Together:

It’s no fun to watch a horror movie with your partner, especially if your partner is not interested in that genre of films. It will spoil the entire mood, its the basic idea to spend time but definitely not the excellent dating idea.

  1. Run a race:

Ha..Ha..Ha..this will be your end reaction after planning a race as a dating idea. It can get very awkward even if you think to execute it as your ‘the dating day plan.’

  1. Taking a Zumba Class Together:

Surprising your partner by joining art classes is even beautiful, but Zumba classes are the worst idea. There is probably no man who is willing to go for a dance classes-especially not this kind of Salsa or dance form.

  1. Get a makeover:

Your honey definitely won’t like to accompany you at the parlor where you are getting a complete makeover, and you guys can barely look at each other on the first date.

  1. Bowling:

I really want to ask when the last time you went for the bowling was? And are you sure if this fun romantic idea for the date? You never want to go for bowling if you guys want a romantic date to happen soon or else guys will runoff.

  1. Go on a dog park without the Dog:

Is this you want to do on your romantic date with your partner? It’s definitely not the right thing to go for. You can be better than this.

  1. Foster a puppy:

This is a lifetime commitment and full-time responsibility you cannot make it a one-day thing together because it’s not going to work out in the long run.

  1. Go on a sex museum or market store:

It’s a couple of things to do if you guys know each other very well. But you should never try this out as the first date idea.

  1. Do something boring during the day:

It’s the worst date idea in the first place because there is nothing to do during day time, which will make you boring individuals.

  1. Do an escape room:

This can be a fun second date idea if you are sure you want to date that person.

  1. Hike up to a volcano:

What if you guys are adventurous and want to climb the eruptive volcanic mountain. That’s a crazy idea if you have figured it out, that you guys want to end up together in the same shelf.

  1. Have Breakfast for Dinner:

this is not just another point to tell you to have dinner because we are telling you to have breakfast. This is funny plus quirky at the same time.

  1. Go to Construction –site together:


Its the worst idea to organize your first date near the construction site area. The loud sound and electric flares always glazing you and not giving you a moment together.

  1. Go on a Match:

It’s a good idea only if you two are interested in watching sports or have an interest in this field. It’s probably the best idea for the second date but not for the first date, if you guys won’t be able to talk to each other.

  1. Go foraging for edible plants, and make dinner:

Do it, and if you are sure and confident of your relationship with your partner, otherwise it’s a total waste of time and energy.

  1. Pick up the trash along the side of the lane:

Even if you are committed to the environment or earth, you should not choose this as your first dating option. Never-Ever!

  1. Choose your own adventure:

Figure out something which will work out for you guys on the first date. Don’t always go for looking for adventurous ideas you must end disappointing yourself.

  1. Go geocaching:

It’s a stupid game where you have to spend your 90 minutes, looking up for a silly box of thimbles deep in the woods. It’s a stupid move, should not execute it on the First Date, please.

  1. Hit a Nightclub:

This shouldn’t be your idea for the first date, because if this is your plan, then you have already met your partner in some nightclub already.

  1. Go to a beach:

Only works if you have a house near the beach and it’s not ice cold or littered with trash.



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