3 Approved Search Engine Optimization Strategy To Generate High Traffic For your Online Business
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3 Approved Search Engine Optimization Strategy To Generate High Traffic For your Online Business


Generate High Traffic is the holy grail of online business. If you have higher traffic on your site then it can solve all your business problems but if you have low traffic on your website then it’s the biggest disappointment for your business.

Search Engine Optimization is the best and proven way to generate high traffic on your site. And it gives your more percentage of organic visitors which proves that the visitors are really interested in the product you are selling online.

In last few year there are several proven ways used to generate high traffic on the sites, but the old tricks are not valuable anymore for search engines.

Now Search Engines gives the more priority to sites which have relevant content, user-friendly design and informative images instead of the sites which flood high number of keywords and back links on their sites

Well, this is really great news for all of us and gives the opportunity to rank your website or blog for the short time of period. Now it does not matter anymore that you are new or experienced in the field, If you are providing relevant and informative content for the user, you have the higher percentage of opportunity to rank on the search engines.

Below are give 3 approved Search Engine Optimization Strategy to generate high traffic for your online business will definitely help you.

Create Relevant and Informative Content

As I told you in the above paragraph that content is the king of modern SEO era. Instead of writing keyword based articles only try to write user-friendly and informative articles. I am not denied that keyword is not important in articles, but try to explain to you that adding more keywords in your article is directly indicates that you only wants to rank high on the search engine and you really don’t care about user experience. It is important that you keep the focus on the targeted keywords but at the same time, it’s also important that you write right content for the user.

Create Lengthy Content

The best way to provide information content and detail information is that write long content. According to survey a page with the article of more than 1500 words rank easily and quickly in the search engine as compared to short content.

Long Content also provides you great opportunity to rank with more long tail keywords or phrases.

Back Links From High Authority Sites

Back Links is still have a big impact on SEO or ranking a page or website on Google. But only try to get back links from the high authority domains. The best way to get banned from the google is to submit your blog or website on the high DA Domains only. Always try to submit your website or blog on the sites which have DA 70 or more than 70.


SEO is not a stable process or one time work, its changing day by day so you need to keep updating with all the changes and implement the best method. Only useful content can generate high traffic on your site and can increase conversion rate.



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