Abolish Loneliness!

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A close-knit circle of great friends who go through all the highs and lows together. Group-ism isn’t bad. It’s just that for a person who is not used to such friends, it is a bit tough. Going through all the life situations alone. No one to guide them or support them. Not that, this is a problem but when there comes a time in their life, when they turn around to look for people completely invested for him, in themselves alone, there is none. A group of friends who do everything together for each other.

The feeling he is left with is terrible. He has been so accustomed to live on his own that fitting in a group seems difficult. Also, there are no people who would accept him as theirs. Maybe because he doesn’t belong with any of the groups. Sometimes, it’s as easy as making someone feel like they are not abnormal. People are so vulnerable that they forget not to make others feel so either. Everyone is going through something and it’s difficult. Life is supposed  to be difficult. Please don’t make it any difficult for others than it already is. Don’t let people feel lonely. It is the most miserable feeling.

Drop by a kind word, or drop by for a visit. Free hugs always work wonders. Not many would ask but everybody loves to get hugs. Do not make small talk. Do something fun together, something you both enjoy. Make others feel like their existence matters as much as anyone else’s. Because who knows your kind word can change someone’s mood from bad to good in seconds. Maybe your motivational thoughts can make their day. You never know how much it could mean for a person the little things you have for them. Don’t just let them feel lonely.



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