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Angel Bhandari Reveals Naughty Secrete Of Her Life And Talked About Skull And Roses.

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Hey everyone, I hope you all are enjoying our content. Here we come up with some secrete of the Skull and Roses fame Angel Bhandari. We had some interesting conversation with the gorgeous lady about the show and about her personal life. Trust me she is more hot, sexy and bold with her words in the real-life than the show.

So here the secrete of Angel Bhadari’s life

I: What you were doing before skull and roses?

Angel Bhandari: I was doing belly dancing n modeling before skulls n rose

I: Native place and living?

Angel Bhandari: I am from Bengal and living in Kolkata with family.

I: Schooling and graduation?

Angel Bhandari: I did my schooling from Lake point convent school from Kolkata and graduation from Andrew College Kolkata

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#skullsandroses Rose island shoot Life is all about a journey when u work hard u will get success one day.

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I: How you get a chance to be in the skull and roses?

Angel Bhandari: One of my friends request me to give an audition. Bt I was not knowing the show name. N he called me up the midnight to give audition I said no I cannot go for audition. As u inform me very short period. N he said u can come n try for once. I said no then he said u r the best for the show why don’t u try I said ok let me try bt m not sure .n next afternoon I went for an audition. I really don’t know they gonna take me or not as I was scared as I never give audition before

I: But the theme of the show was totally different and the Indian audience does not accept this kind of content easily. So at that time are you aware of content?

Angel Bhandari: They told me something different n bold concepts .bt I was not aware of the content. See people will judge u if u do good content or bad. I know the Indian audience will not accept bt. M bold n I know my self .n my family supports me a lot my friends n I don’t care about anyone as no one is feeding me at the end I have to survive myself

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#skullsandrose Rose island photoshoot #amazonprime subscribe to watch me #realityshow

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I: Bathtub scene with Sahil is the hottest part of the show. What you were thinking at that time and how you prepared yourself?

Angel Bhandari: See while shooting time it just an act for me .any kind of sense doesn’t matter either it’s bathtub or bed sense. I was doing my job in this character

I: About people mentality towards you?

Angel Bhandari: See m bold, sexy, hot so I love to expose my self. As I struggle a lot to be something in my life .n people always talk sweet and at the end, they want to see nude. I want to work in the porn industry as it’s my dream to be a worldwide porn star. As people love to watch porn n they don’t accept. After seeing my pictures bold video they masturbate also I know but they don’t accept it. They want me to entertain them as play doll when I don’t entertain they start abusing me

I: What the difference you see around yourself after the show?

Angel Bhandari: I think I can do much better in the show so people love me more. I will always be the same if I become a big star also as m very much down to earth girl as I have seen my life closely.

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A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eyes and gives it a wink .🎈

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I: The most entertaining task for you in the show?

Angel Bhandari: My Fakegasm .is most entertaining task in rose island

I: Who is more naughty between Rajiv and Raghu?

Angel Bhandari: Rajiv is a friend in the rose island and Raghu is hard and ruthless in the skulls island so Rajiv is NAUGHTY as the rose island is for fun

I: Which boy you think compatible with you in the show?

Angel Bhandari: Shahil if is not back steps

I: Is there any project you are working right now?

Angel Bhandari: No looking for good Opportunity

I: Who is your best friend from the show?

Angel Bhandari: Ritz Gautam. Still, we have the same and good bond

I: Fav actor?

Angel Bhandari: Salman Khan and Kartik Aryan. I wish I can work with them

I: Fav color

Angel Bhandari: White

I: So are you follow any porn star and you want to be like her?

Angel Bhandari: Yes, I admire sunny leone. I want to be like her

I: So what’s next plan now?

Angel Bhandari: Looking forward to good project either as a team dancer in Bollywood or porn star in adult industry

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I: About Hardik Pandya

Angel Bhandari: Yes m a big fan of Hardik Pandya. Wish to meet him one day

I: Tell something about love life

Angel Bhandari: M happily single. See I love my career more than love life. I don’t want my love life come between my career life

I: So what you are doing right now to become porn star?

Angel Bhandari: Giving audition.

I: Are you in contact with some other person from same industry?

Angel Bhandari: Yes I know many people in porn industry but I can’t take anyone names

I: So do you have any plan to have own porn site?

Angel Bhandari: M planning my own app soon

I hope you guys come to know a lot about the hottest lady of Skull and Roses. Let us know if you have any question to ask Angel Bhandari. We will forward your question to the girl.

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