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Does Buying Back Links From Popular Sites Will Help You To Increase Ranking Or It Will Lead To Search Penalties? Read What Google has To Say About This.

From last few days search community is juggling due to an article How brands secretly buy their way into Forbes, Fast Company, and HuffPost stories published on Outline. In this article, Jon Christian  explain that how guest post includes a lots of links and how popular sites selling links to the popular brands for the money. Here you can find the top 50 sites who are includes in this and facing this kind of issues. Some time it happens for the money but some times unknowingly guest bloggers includes the links of their blog or site in the articles and it get escaped by the editor.

Well Google again explain via Danny Sullivan that this kind of tricks does not going to help you in the search ranking. Infact this can lead to you search penalties.

Here are the Tweets from Danny Sullivan:-





Well now I think you will be must aware about buying or selling links and its totally illegal for the Google. So don’t dare to do such kind of stupid things and focus more on your site user experience and valuable content.

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