Coding: Where should you start from?

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 want to learn coding now. But, which language you should learn first? You must be confused, Should you start with C ,C++, Java, Python or something else?  The answer is: everything depends on your motive.  Frankly speaking:

  • You want to build apps for your Android device: Learn Java
  • You want to build IOS apps for your Apple Iphone?: Learn Swift
  • You want to build web apps or a native website?: Start with the frontend development. First Learn the Holy Trio: HTML, CSS, JavaScript along with a framework. Then learn a server side scripting language like Python, Ruby or PHP for the backend.
  • You want to build Games?: Learn C++ and C#.
  • You want to hack : Learn Python

Note: These are just fundamental compulsory suggestions to begin, not the sufficient ones.

Myth: There is a common myth in Indian college ecosystem that to learn programming, one must start with C then C++ and then something else. But, the fact says that there is no such pre-requisites. You can simply start among the most popular main stream programming languages i.e. C++, Java or Python if you are not clear of your objectives. Or, you can begin from the ones suggested according to your motive. You will have a decent and productive learning curve if you stick to your goals without getting confused.


Prime Motto – Build Products : Irrespective of the language you are using, a programmer should always aim to build their own products because at the end you will be extremely happy and satisfied if you will have something of your own which you can showcase. And thus, choosing the pathway according to your motive helps you to achieve this. As soon as you start learning, you will be able to start building small products and this infinite cycle of the Learn, Build, Learn helps you to have the enthusiasm throughout the whole process. And at the end you will be a Pro.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”- Steve Jobs



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