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Deonar Bakra Mandi- India’s Largest Goat Market And Types Of Goat

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About The Deonar Goat Market Market:

Deonar Mandi is a Mumbai situated sub-urban area which is basically famous for hosting the largest dumping ground in Mumbai. It is also known for having the largest abattoir in the city as also being host to the largest goat Market in India, perhaps in Asia, at the time of Eid, which is celebrated by Muslims and involves the sacrificing of the goats during this time of the festival.

Why is Bakra Eid celebrated?

The festival honors the willingness of  Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son based on the command of God.

The Festival of Bakra Eid lasts for about three days. It falls around two months and ten days after Ramadan Eid.

The Muslims across the world celebrate it by sacrificing an animal and feast on it to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim towards God and God’s kindness towards him. Bakra Eid is celebrated amongst Muslims. People visit mosques and offer special prayers for peace and prosperity. When the prayer is done, sacrifices begin, which are then distributed among others. All People meet and greet their loved and dear ones, exchange gifts, and feast with each other.

Goat Market during Eid-Season:

However around one or two weeks before the Bakra-Eid, Shepherds from across the India scrum to Mumbai for selling their livestock at exordial prices.

Types of Goat and their Prices In Mumbai:

  • A Goat that can be sold around ten thousand on a normal day is sold not less than thirty thousand on Bakra-Eid day.
  • The sell goats on exorbitant prices as the Bakra-Eid Comes Closer.(Price Range: 20,000-50,000/-)
  • The most popular breed among Young buyers is the “Andul breed of Bakras.”
  • Andul Bakras are sexually aroused all the time and are not castrated.
  • These goats are also very aggressive in nature and always keep fighting with each other.
  • All the Muslim housing societies, the most aggressive one is the most known one.
  • Now, its time for the most expensive breed, it’s the Khasi Bakers.
  • The male goat is called “Khashi,” which had been castrated. Castrated goats develop the fat, and the meat is tender.
  • The price range for these kinds of Goats can be ten thousand to one Crore.
  • People are ready to pay that much amount in the name of Sacrifice to God.
  • The deer like goats are called “Barbaras” They have loads of fat in their meat.
  • These are fast runners and not so aggressive in nature. They are brought for beauty. The more beautiful the goat is, the higher is it’s price.

If you plan to buy the Goat this Eid, make sure you have tremendous bargaining skills. What is meant for ten thousand prices can be sold at eighty thousand prices in the name of sacrifice to God! The best time to visit the goat market is ten days or one week before the Bakra-Eid.




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