Sports Drinks, Juice, Soda, Energy Drinks and Even Sweetened Coffee Can Harm Your Heart

Sports Drinks, Juice, Soda, Energy Drinks and Even Sweetened Coffee Can Harm Your Heart

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What’s Wrong With Energy Drinks, Soda and Sweetened Coffee:

These drinks contain a large amount of sugar in them, and sugar is not considered suitable for your body. However, people are not aware that Sugar-free or artificially sweetened/energy drinks are just as dangerous and harmful as the sugary ones. It’s not just sugary-Soda we need to be concerned about in modern-day Life. As Diligent consumers, we need to be aware of the food products/drinks we are consuming in the name of Healthy sport Juices or Drinks.

The regular consumption of Sports Drink, Soda, Juice Including all the energy drinks is also associated with an increased risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, and other Life-deteriorating Health Conditions.

Direct Link between Sugar and Weight Gain leads to the number of problems such as:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Low-levels of Physical Activity
  • High Body Mass Index(BMI)
  • Other Dietary factors
  • And Sometimes even Death


Why Artificially Sweetened Drinks are not preferable:

  • Gives you a lot of Sugar and Calories
  • Sweetened Coffee contains caffeine plus caramel which is harmful to your body.
  • Some artificial sweeteners are not digested and have no calories.
  • The amount of Sugar in Sports Drinks is very High. Sometimes sports drinks are counted in the same category as soda when it comes to sugary drinks
  • Energy drink contains caffeine, guarana, and taurine, all of which are stimulants and must be avoided by young people.
  • Energy Drinks are never appropriate for children and adolescents.
  • The stimulants act as diuretics, that means they encourage the excretion of water by the body- This process works against the athlete who is trying to rehydrate.

Which Drinks are Safe?

Sugary drinks and Soda are clearly massive contributing factors to the heart disease and leading the cause of death in both men and women.

  • For Men, 36 grams( Nine teaspoons) of sugar in a day is sufficient while women should keep it low to about 25 grams( Six teaspoons)
  • Avoid drinks that contain more than 4 grams of added sugar per serving.
  • Prefer Water-for all the Juice requirement or energy requirements in your body.
  • Take fruits in raw form instead of Fruit juices, however appealing they might seem to you.

How About Low-calorie Drinks?

Low calorie or Low carb sports drinks contain sugar in the form of fructose(fruit sugar) or glucose, as opposed to added sugar, which is sucrose. So you can consume these drinks.

Keep in mind to check your BMI(Body Mass Index) on a regular interval to keep your weight gain situation under control.

If you want to consume sweetened drinks or any other drinks with no harm, you have to exercise heavily and daily. In particular, keep a check on your added sugar levels, caffeine consumption, and sweeteners you are taking inside your body that can indirectly affect your body in numerous ways.





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