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Interview With Journalist, Influencer and Life Style Blogger Tashneem Ali Chaudhury.

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Hello Friends, here is the journey of blogger, writer, media strategist and fashion influencer Tashneem Ali Chaudhury. A lady with a soft heart and a very interactive personality. Her article sentimental lady on the Hindustan Times website really impressed me a lot. Here she shared her fashion funda, experience with blogging and how blogging helping her to make money. Here is a detail about conversation.

1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

Amal Clooney, Princess Kate Middleton from the modern age. Earlier it was Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, and even actress Uma Thurman.

2. What made you decide to start blogging?

I have been a journalist for more than two decades now. When I gave up my full-time job with Hindustan Times and embarked on a freelancing career, it was satisfying but could not make me very fulfilled. I am a workaholic and a perfectionist so I needed to do more. I enjoy multi-tasking. That was the start of my real blogging journey last year in December. Before that, though I had the blog, I wasn’t a regular writer there.

3. Favorite fashion magazine?


4. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I don’t follow trends at all. I’m very individualistic and very bohemian, yet sophisticated in my dressing style and outlook towards life.

5. Celebrity crush?

I like achievers who are cool and seem approachable too. Jamie Mcdornan, the actor and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Fashion Blogger Tasneem Ali Chaudhury6. What type of camera do you use?

D3100 Nikon camera and my Samsung Galaxy 8 phone.

7. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee when I’m out. Tea at home.

8. Heels? or Flats?

Heels when I want to feel beautiful. Flats for lazy comfort.

9. What is your dream job?

Traveling all over the world and writing about it.

10. Name your Top 3 favorite bands.

Mark’s and Spencer, Zara and Mango.

11. Favorite lipstick color?


12. How many tattoos do you have?

None. I would get bored very fast if I had one!

13. Favorite Quote?

From my favorite writer Haruki Murakami: If you remember me, then I don’t care if everybody else forgets.

14. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

I’m easy. I’m simple. That’s me on the face. Inside my head, I’m super complicated and I super think all the time.

15. Five beauty products you can’t live without?

Body shop night creams, Body shop sunscreens, Maybelline liquid lipsticks, Loccitane body creams, Revlon multi-box of lip shades.

Fashion Blogger Tasneem Ali Chaudhury16. Hair “done” or messy?

Messy usually.

17. Makeup or no makeup?

Depends on the occasion. I don’t like to camouflage my natural looks. I feel I look better without makeup.

18. Favorite item of clothing?

Shorts and Ganji tops.

19. Gym or exercising outdoors?

Walking, running.

20. Can you cook?

I’m a good cook. Just very moody, like with everything else in my life. I can rustle up a great biryani and pasta and everything under the sun. Except, I can’t make a roti!

21. Favorite food?

Anything European

22. Favorite drink?


33. Partner or single?

I’ve been married for 15 years now!

23. Happiest moment?

When my babies were born. I have two boys 12 and 6 years old.

24. Blog or YouTube?

Blog absolutely!

25. 9-5 job or full-time influencer?

Fulltime influencer

Fashion Blogger Tasneem Ali Chaudhury26. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

Around 15 minutes

27. What’s your top Instagram tip?

Post from your heart. But use your head too. Know how to create visually interesting content.

28. Who takes your pics?

Myself or my husband, sometimes.

29. A most terrifying moment since being an influencer?

When I was referred to as an ‘influencer’ rather than a journalist, that has been my whole career, otherwise.

30. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

Products don’t make me go all lovey-dovey. I prefer it when a client says: what you wrote was amazing!

31. Last thing you googled?

Ego surfing myself.

32. Living in the city or living by the beach?

Beach anyday

34. Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

a. Andrew Gerasimenko for stunning photography
b. Makeup Vincent for beauty
c. Food Minimalist for eats
d. Dr. Mike for fun pictures
e. Selena Gomez for celebrity chilling pictures

35. How did you decide to become a fashion blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

A lifestyle blogger would be more appropriate. I write on every topic under the sun.

36. How was the response initially? Share some moments?

Slow to pick up where I always had people tell me that my content was top-notch and fabulous but I needed to do marketing.

37. Do you think Organised Stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers?

Yes, they do.

38. Whom do you envision as your target reader?

20 to 55.

39. What motivates you to blog?

That writing is my job, my career, my passion. How could I do anything else?  And I’m a visual person. I love the pictures. Combine the two and you get a blogger.

40. Suggestion for your readers?

Follow me on my blog: www.tashneem.com; on facebook as Tashneem Ali Chaudhury and on Instagram as tashneemjournoreviews.
That’s all I want!

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