Five-year-old girl Who lost her parents in Massacre in El Paso

Five-year-old girl Who lost her parents in Massacre in El Paso

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The lives lost in El Paso:

According to the reports, at least twenty-two people were killed in Massacre in El Paso. Saturday, When a gunman opened fire at a Walmart and shopping center in El Paso. There were U.S citizens, Mexican citizens, and one of them was German Citizens.

The Story Of Jordan And Andre- victims of the Massacre

Saturday was meant to be the day of celebration for the young couple. Jordan Anchondo who is 25 years old and Andre Anchondo, 24 years old according to Andre’s older Brother, Tito Anchondo.

The couple was very excited to show off their new house. All the friends and family members were invited to a big-splash party on Saturday, but the couple never made it. On Saturday, after dropping their six-year-old daughter at cheer-leading practice. The Anchondos were headed to Walmart with their Infant son for school supplies and party decorations.

The reaction of The Family:

After hearing about the shooting and the Gunman incident, Tito Anchondo tried calling his brother and his sister-in-law but received no response. He got worried and got a call from authorities to identify if it’s Jordan’s Body. The family rushed to the hospital and found both of them dead. They were devastated by this inhuman act of the gunman. They said, “We are angry; we are sad. There is disbelief. There are just no words.” The five-year-old Daughter Skyline Jamrowski- received the worst news of her young life and she was distressed by this incident which took place in El Paso. Her mother was shot and killed in a terror attack fueled by hatred for Hispanic immigrants. This is what police believes and tells her in return of which she asked: “if she will be  shot Next?”


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