Guest Blogging Is Dead Strategy For Seo?

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Recently One twitter user asked to the Google’s engineer John Mueller that Guest posting for link building and seo is good or bad? And you will be shocked to no what he said. Before I tell you whats the story behind this take a look what John Mueller Replied on Twitter: –

So Tweet from John Mueller shows that Google is not a big fan of Guest Blogging and if you are not aware of this than your site can penalize any time.

I want to inform you that, in 2014 google declared that Guest Blogging for Back link and SEO Dead and your sites with guest blogging for back link and seo penalized time to time.

Till the time Google has penalized many blog with guest blogging. So don’t put your blog or site at risk.

Now you must be thinking that accept all these why many big sites accepts guest blogging and even why digital marketers suggest guest blogging for marketing and traffic? SO the answer is very simple You can not use Guest Blogging for back link purpose or for SEO puepose but you can use guest blogging to create buzz between the influencer on the net.

If you want to know in which conditions Guest Blogging is Good and When It Bad you follow the recent article published on by clicking here

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