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For A Week I Ate Only Healthy Fast Food And Here Is What Happened.

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How many of us have thought about having healthy  Fast food? Or even consider having Fast Food a healthy habit. Probably Never. Here are several things I realized when I tried Only “Healthy Fast Food” for a Week.

Climate change and the continuous effects of industrial processing units have kick-started a push towards effectiveness, quality, and health.

Food isn’t an exception for having a “Healthy Fast Food” is way cheaper and convenient. Food Industry across the globe is in the Transition state.

It keeps on changing as per the taste and demand of the consumer market. You have to keep a check on your spices, whether it’s local or seasonal Fast Food.

Before having anything, you need to ask that whatever you are putting in your mouth if it’s healthy Fast Food or not?

I did not go all technical and calorie-counting with the nutrient or Carbohydrates ratios. But surely went with my gut feeling in determining how to make ‘healthy fast food’ as little an oxymoron as possible.

On Morning’s I started having a super fiber-packed meal (replacement) smoothie (Price Range: 150-200rs) from any Known Brand, a milkshake and ‘good’ smoothie chain.

All the healthy smoothie contains avocado, cashews, apple, almonds, pineapple, banana, and green grapes. It’s tasty, filling and much-needed at early morning hour. I gulp it down and get to college and work.

Amid afternoon, I am starving again This time, and I need something filling and believe me, you have got no better option than KFC Grilled Chicken or “Burger King Chicken Meal.” A ‘fumid’ alternative to their regular crispy-fried meal one.

I usually pick up a 4-piece or a 3-piece bucket for Rs. 300-400 and go to work again with my optimum utility. Routinely chicken is juicy, titillating and fairly flavourful but also oozing that signature KFC oil.

I often find myself drifting into thoughts of how artificial the Burger King Chicken seems. A little googling reveals that I am just a paranoid android. In the evening you should probably go for having a light crispy veg meal.

You can also order Salad and some delicious healthy drink. I tried having “Healthy Fast Food” Like this for over a week, but it didn’t help me. I thought Home cooked food is way better and healthier. I don’t think it’s either affordable or fit enough.

I spent a lot of my Money in a day on “healthy fast food.” The expense of eating “healthy fast food” in a day was equivalent to week’s payment of eating actual home-cooked healthy food.

I would, however, recommend a mini Pizza taco from Taco Bell or Jumbo-king or a Noodles Frankie if you’re starving and really looking for a quick snack option to fill up your stomach.

It’s better to grab the healthier opportunity from a fast-food chain once in a while, but it will never be as nutritious or never be as delicious as food made at home in a reliable, cautious and healthier space.

Get into the habit of pre-cooking and packing your meals, or go for service for prepared meals. You should definitely invest some time to buy your ingredients and cook your own meals.

And never forget to exercise to stay fit tops every healthy diet ever.” Practice Yoga and Meditation, along with Eating any Food item. Rely more on Natural fruits and vegetables and cook them in your kitchen only with proper guidance and support.

One last, possibly-Check on the details of the product you are going to buy and be informed citizen.

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