Here Is The List Of Things You Need To Do To Get Indexed And Rank In Google News Search.

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If you have a blog or a website based on latest news and updates, here is some good news for you. Google share some tips that how you can success in Google news search result. This is something new recommendation from the google which you need to implement on your site for better result.

Here are some key points which can help you for more success within Google news in 2019

  1. Clear Headlines:- You need to make sure that your headline or title for the page is clear. Google used HTML page and the heading available on your site. Make sure you place some content in HTML meta title and the title on your page.
  2. Time And Date :- As per google data guide line show the clear date and time between title and first paragraph of the article. Try to prevent other date from related stories and other stories on the same page.
  3. Use Structured data :- Use the datapublished and data modified schema for the correct time zone or amp and non amp pages.
  4. Artificial refreshning Stories : -Do not produce artificially refreshning stories or the old story with the new date and time.
  5. Duplicate Content :- Do not use duplicate content on your website. Instead you can give credit to the originating publisher.
  6. Avoid Rewritten Content :- Google says avoid using other website’s content. You need to avoid rewriting the other’s article on your site.
  7. Transperency :- You need to maintain transparency with your vissitors. You need to provide clear information about the authors and contact informations of the authors.
  8. Use HTTPS : – As per Google policy, users data security is one of the most important things. You need to assure your users that their data and all information are secured while visiting on your site. Google recommend to use HTTPS on all the site.

Why Google News Search is Important?

If your blog or site is related to news and on the latest trending topic then this is important that you make it visible in Google News search result. It helps you to drive more traffic because google news search always shows your content on the top of the google search result.

So if you have any news related blog and you are facing issue to get indexed in Google news search result, comment below and I will help you to achieve this.

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