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5 Uncommon High Paying Career Options for Students in India

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Pro & Cons (2019)

Here are some unparalleled and distinguished high paying career options for students in India 2019 that surprisingly pay well and can be practiced as a full-time career:

  1. Voice-over Artist:

Having a desirable voice can get you to get a nice job based solely on that attribute! You can work as a voice-over artist and be the voice for cartoons, advertisements, radio, films, television programs, etc. While you have fun dubbing all the dialogues, you can get paid between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 for an entire film, between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 for short films, documentaries or corporate films and Rs 5,000 to R 8,000 for advertisements and TV program episodes. It will help to have a qualification in Mass Communication to understand and work in this field.

There are as such no cons for this career, just that sometimes you may feel sticky due to work overload and pressure environment. There is a continuous hustle in the media industry, and one should be able to understand the work environment and should always work in a team to put up a great show.

  1. Marketing: as a growing career opportunity:

 In recent years, the marketing field is being drastically increasing. Marketing offers a position for different people having different strengths and skills.

In this blog, we’ll see how one goes in the marketing field, what work one does, and various paths available.

Being Marketer and dealing with actual Market problems:

To be a marketer, one must have done a four-year program which would help one to improve their speaking skills, be a creative and thinking process. Besides, only education internships play an important role as well to enhance one’s qualifications as they get hands-on experience and learn on real-time projects. Skills like creativity, problem-solving, and analytical skills are of severe importance to fulfill the purpose needed for a marketing job.

Works a marketer can do:

Every marketing department has several goals, and to fulfill that there are many roles available to achieve the goals. Some of the positions a marketer can be in are:

  • Digital Marketer: In this field, one has to market through different social channels like social media’s, websites, emails. In this, one has to take care of the company’s website presence on search engine and have to take complete care of search engine optimization. It also covers blogging and handling of social media websites of the company.
  • Growth Marketer: In this field, a marketer takes care of customers success and their acquisition. Growth marketer not only focuses on the top tier but takes care of the entire funnel.


  1. Brand Marketer

    A brand’s image plays a vital role in their market. Consumers buy the brands product only if their presence is filled, and they can fulfill their requirements. Hence to maintain the image of a brand, a brand marketer has responsibilities which deal with maintaining the brand’s image in public.

 Market Analyser: A market Analyzer analysis the campaign of the company and deals with the reports and growth and all the things related to the fundings, changes needed, etc.

Besides these, there are much more paths a marketer can go in; there can be cons which you will basically before you choose this as your career. Once you are sure about it, it will be the best decision of your life


Choose your role

As we explained above, there are various paths you can go in, but it becomes difficult for one to choose from. Hence one should choose the role they want in which they have a passion and have appropriate skills. If it becomes difficult for one to choose, you can refer to the leaders who are in a particular marketing role. You can also build a list of skills required for a position and rate yourself in the skill set and choose accordingly.

The industry became more complex and competitive in recent years, which makes one fight hard to get a job. Marketing has various fields and helps one to find perfect roles according to their knowledge, skills, and interest.

  1. Social Media Manager:

Social media managers and marketers are well aware of the fact that how much hard work and analysis goes into creating an ideal customer base and understanding their challenges. It is also important to draft a detailed message that will eventually lead to sales and helps you to connect with the customers at the right time.

Multi-Channel Marketing – It is defined as the promotion and selling your brand on various channels. The concept of multi-channel marketing is beyond advertising only. It refers to numerous marketplaces, social media platforms or apps and communities as well. It is done so as most of the target audience spends their time on the same — so multi-channel marketing targets on consumer choice and the platform usage.


The genuine motive to start a multi-channel is far beyond what anyone can think. There are different ways through which a customer can get enlightened about your site – organic search, social media, or paid advertising. And each of the channels portrays an entirely different story.

Now it is vital to treat all the customers in the same unbiased manner. And you can start building your strategy by identifying your customer base from the traffic source. Also, it is essential to publish customized content. That is so because it will then help you to figure out that where a visitor’s first impression has been aligned. In simple words, it is essential to give a personal touch to create an overall engagement

WAYS TO ENHANCE YOUR MULTI-CHANNEL STRATEGY, It can be proved as cons if you do not follow this procedure accordingly

  • ORGANIZE YOUR CUSTOMER DETAILS: You need to focus and organize all the records of your customers in one specific location to absorb all the information across various services. By doing that, you can personalize your emails or messages, and that will create better engagement for you in terms of traffic. So if you send a personalized email to a person who has not opened your previous emails, there’s a considerable possibility of him doing so this time. Also, it is highly useful if you generate a special offer for a lead who has clicked innumerable times on your past lead nurturing emails.


  • UTM PARAMETERS: Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters are used by social media managers or marketers to track the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns across the various traffic sources and the publishing media. So it enables Google Analytics to understand where a customer (the person who clicks a link) came from and which specific campaign directed them to you. So this helps you to identify the visitors, and that will enable you to go to the next step.


  • SPEAK NATURALLY VIA DIFFERENT media: It is vital to converse naturally with your customers via emails, direct emails, and texts (SMS). And that covers the media of online, offline and mobile. There are certain other channels to take into consideration as well. They have sponsored posts on social media and retargeting advertisements. That is the absolute power of personalized multi-channel marketing. But at the same time, it is significant to keep in mind that you should not go crazy and spam your customers with messages that are irrelevant and not appropriate. Just make sure that you converse with them in a subtle manner where they feel confident enough to respond and create a strong professional relationship with you.


  1. Becoming a Consultant:

There are different types of consultants who specialize in different kinds of fields, such as environmental consultants, healthcare consultants, and engineering consultants. In this article, we will learn to become Business Consultants.

Business Consultants are hired to increase the productivity of the business or improve the structure of the firm. They can either be self-employed or work at firms and government agencies. The task of the consultant begins with knowing about the organization, communicating with different departments and employees about operating procedures. Post this examination; the consultant provides suggestions for improvement either orally or in the form of a report. The consultant might have to solve queries regarding this report in front of a group.


  1. Digital Marketing: Let’s first understand what Digital Marketing is?

Digital marketing means advertising delivered through digital platforms. These platforms can include various devices/platforms, e.g.,  websites, laptops, display advertising, mobile phones or any other digital medium.

The marketing techniques used earlier will not yield productive results in today’s technology-driven marketing world. It’s essential to know the latest trends in the market. Here are the five innovative digital marketing ideas:

  • Combine voice search: Statistics reveal that 20% of mobile searches on Google are made via voice and the trend is becoming popular amongst the adults. Google voice search queries have increased over the years, so it’s imperative to understand these developments and include them in your digital marketing strategy.
  • Innovative ads: Trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence are everywhere on the internet. If businesses can implement these technologies into their marketing strategies, the results will be worth praising. It is essential to understand innovation in your online marketing campaign to create an appealing advertisement.
  • Live videos: Live video is changing the way brands communicate with their audiences. A live video strategy engages viewers in such a way that other social media formats cannot. Customers’ expectation for live video at every step is increasing. That’s why brands are finding new methods to use tools like Livestream and Facebook Live in their marketing stack.
  • Chatbots(Cons): A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that can simulate a conversation with a user in natural language through, websites, messaging applications, mobile apps or through the telephone. Chatbots allow consumers to engage with them in terms of content consumption, customer service, and transactional engagements.
  • Nurture marketing on emotions: One of the elements of a customer’s psychology while buying a product is emotion. Brands in the market are intelligently using these emotions to their advantage. For this, a business needs to understand the customer buying process that would help to get the core points of the customer. Further, you can include these core points in your marketing strategy.

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