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High Quality Blog List For Guest Posting

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Hello everyone, Hoping that you all are doing well with your blogs and business. Mainly this year (2016) comes out as a mysterious year for bloggers and digital marketers. There a Millions of new blogs and sites are launched this year and which indicates a positive sign for all of us. But at the same time it also increase the competition in the field. Specially after Google’s Penguin Updates, Everything seems like changed and becomes more harder as compare to last years. Many content management websites and article publishing blogs lost their 80% to 90% data (here lost means they are not visible on google as longer). Now it’s really hard to find guest post blog where you can publish our articles and generate some good amount of traffic for you websites.

As a digital marketer you all are aware about guest posting and why it is important for SEO. If you are a beginner, let me explain you about guest posting first.

What is Guest Posting?

Well guest posting is something like publishing your article on the others website or blog which are related to your niche and interest. At the time of writing a guest post for any site, it is important that you matched the all criteria which are required by the site and it should be helpful for the readers.

Why Guest Posting is Important?

Whenever we talk about the Guest Post, some doubts comes in our mind. Why I need to post my articles on other persons blog? What benefit I will get from guest Posting? Does Guest Posting effect my own blog? and so on…

In the reply of all these questions, I must want to ask that if you are opening a shop or any other Business, You told about your business to your friends, Family Members and Near and Dear or Not? Definitely “YES”. You told everyone about your business, so that they can know about your Business and it’s a kind of mouth publicity also.

Similarly when we start blogging or a website, It is important that we create some awareness and publicity for our blogs and websites. And for that we need to publish some content on the web where the most traffics are generating. In other words, where your most targeted audience are visiting. So by writing a guest post on the others blog, indirectly you are promoting your own blog and drawing readers attention towards your site. It will also help you to connect with the expert who are working from the longer times in the same Industry.

If I talk about SEO prospect that how this will help you to rank 1st on google, the point is Back link. As you know Google gives the priority to the sites which have good quality back links. So at the same time you are writing a guest post on others site, you can place the link of your own blog or website also. In this way you can convert that website’s traffic on your own website or blog.

So now I think you all are clear about the Guest Post or Guest blogging. Now you need the site or blog where you can publish your articles as a guest post. So here are the list of most Prominent and popular websites which have huge traffic and which will help you to generate more traffics and back links. If I am missing anyone let me know in comment section.

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