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How Much You Can Earn From A Vada Pav Stall?

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Thinking about owning a vada pav stall?

It’s not only about owning the vada pav stall, but it’s mainly about how efficiently you handle it and manage it. It requires special skills and courage to open up a vada pav stall at any place in your town. You should always know your budget and follow a systematic procedure to make a profit out of that business in today’s market, where we have a lot of competitors.

Vada Pav is a portion of popular street food, and it’s a spicy potato filling sandwiched between buns and layers of pungent garlic and green chutney.

How the vada pav is made

So what exactly is a Vada Pav? How is it made? Is it too challenging to make flavorsome vada pav for your family members?  Vada means deep-fried potato patties, and pav is a burger bun. You can say it’s kind of a potato sandwich or burger but what makes it so special is all the chutneys that go with it!


Ingredients Required:

This recipe has four main ingredients –

  1. the vada,
  2. the dry garlic coconut chutney,
  3. the green chutney and the sweet tamarind chutney.
  4. You can always keep in mind to skip the green and sweet chutney if you have no time for it but you should never skip garlic chutney for the dish
  5. It’s what makes the vada pav in my opinion
  6. All the essential salty and sour elements will add flavor to your dish


How much can you make it from the stall?


  1. In a Month: So assume, you make 100 vada pav’s in a day. Let’s figure out the costing involved in preparing for the 100 vada pavs. Firstly you will have to fetch 100 pav’s from the vendor who will cost you approximately   150/- if you buy it in bulk. Rest ingredients-Potato, garlic, chilies, oil, onion, and Besan will cost you Rs 250/- approx in a month. So making 100 vada pav’s will cost you  450-500/- per month. So the manufacturing cost is   5/-. A vada pav is sold at 12-15/-. The profit earned in a day is 700-1000/-. Considering that a vada pav stall sells 300 vada pav’s a day the benefit would sum up to 3000/-
  2. In a Year: So Accordingly, a vada pav stall will make a profit of almost 9 Lakhs a year eliminating all the rental cost and haftas.

If you are thinking to open one, keep your budgeting tight, and you will end up earning a lot of profit!


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