How To Optimize YouTube For More Views And Higher Ranking? A Complete Guide.

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When we think about the SEO, we always think about the search engines like Google, yahoo, Baidu or Yandex some times. But the mostly forgotten search engine of the world is YouTube. Do you know as per Alexa, YouTube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine after Google. So in this article we will discuss about how to optimize YouTube for more views and higher ranking in it’s search section.

First of all you need to understand why consider YouTube in your organic marketing strategy. In the current scenario, people likes watching videos more as compare to reading articles. Working on YouTube means unlocking the potential to get views billions of YouTube users. Video marketing gaining the significant potential after content. It also helps your blog or website page on Google search engine.

Although as per John Mueller from Google, embedding videos directly on your blog does not helps you to rank on Google but it helps your user to keep engaging and motivate them to revisit your page.

Now what you need to do with your videos on YouTube for better engagement. Here is some process which you can implement on your YouTube channel.

  1. Targeting Your YouTube Videos
  2. Optimizing Your YouTube Videos
  3. Promoting Your YouTube Videos

Targeting Your YouTube Videos – You have to select a particular topic first to start your video. You need to understand that in which category you fit to share your knowledge.

Optimize Your YouTube Video – After uploading the video you need to optimize the with with proper keywords or search terms. Further in this article I will tell you how you can optimize your video.

Promoting Your YouTube Videos – If you are creating a new youtube channel then you need to run campaign initial to get noticed by the YouTube viewers.

What Are The Ranking Factors For YouTube Videos?

Well this is very generic question which passes through every one’s mind. Once you create the videos, uploaded it on YouTube and optimized the video with your best knowledge, you expect that your video should rank on the YouTube search.

Well of course video optimization play a vital role in ranking, there are some other factors which help your video to rank in the Search Box.

Like other search engines, YouTube also gives the preference to audience and try to put best content in front of the audience. And for this YouTube used audience retention factor. Audience retention means how long viewers watched your video before they left.

There are certain factors on which YouTube analysis this.

  1. Average view duration through out all your videos on your YouTube channel.
  2. Top videos or channel listed during watch time.
  3. Audience retention data for a specific video for different time frames
  4. Relative audience retention for a video compared to the YouTube average for similar videos

Apart of this there are some other factors around videos engagement which help to rank the video.

  1. Comment on the video
  2. Subscriber list
  3. Number of shares on your videos
  4. Number of clicks on your video link
  5. Thums Up/Thumbs Down or Like Dislike on your video after watching the video

What To Do Before Optimizing YouTube Video

Before you start the optimizing your YouTube video there are some research you need to do.

Keyword Search –

Like writing a content here also you need to do some keyword research for your video optimization. You have to find out the relevant keywords for your video and make sure that your video relate to that keyword.

While doing the keyword research make sure you select the keywords which high search volume. You can use YouTube suggestion words in your keywords. You can also use related keywords in your Keyword research.

Peoples mainly search with a question mark. So try to put question kind of term in your Keyword. And make sure you are providing the good solution of that question in your video.

You can also use google keyword planner tool for Keyword research and for trending search term related to your video.

Now lets discuss about the video optimization and how you can optimize your video in the best way.

Let’s divide it into four different parts

  1. Title
  2. Video Description
  3. Tags
  4. Video Thumbnails

Video Title –

It is highly recommended that your video title should be 5 word or 70 character lengthy. Try to place your main targeted keyword in the beginning of the video title.

While writing the title make sure it’s not be more legthy to cut in the suggestion video. Try to keep the title concise so that people forcible to click your video link.

Video Description –

You can create the video upto 5000 character but make sure that you keep the informational content in the beginning of the article. Use search term in your video so that your video can be searched on the Google.

Video Tag –

Now this part is one of the most interesting while optimizing the videos. Here you can put all your keywords by separating them with commas. Here try to put maximum keywords in Tag option and use the keywords which have high search volume.

Video thumbnail –

Although Custom video thumbnail is available for verified YouTube account only you can make the most concise scene from your video into the thumbnail. But if you have a verified YouTube account you can create custom thumbnail up to Mb in size. Again if you are creating custom thumbnail make sure you put the content which creates the curiosity between the viewers to click on your video.

Promoting your video everywhere on the internet

Once you done with all the process it is important that your video should reach to the maximum peoples. You can share the video link across all your social media profile. You can link the video url in your email signature. Embed the video with your blog.

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