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How to start a successful travel Blog

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Starting your travel blog is the best decision you can ever make in your life. Have you ever thought of opening your travel website? Guess what?-Now is the best time to execute your plan in a perfectly organized manner. Everyone is 2019 aiming to start their online business, which requires the use of the blog and its efficient tools. You should know how to use them in a proper way.

Always be aware of the travel plan and the budgeting scheme of the trip. To start a travel blog, you need to have travel-experience of 1-3 years at least, so that you can create a maximum number of blogs and the audience base. Your travel content should contain all the key points and tips for traveling.

Here are specific ways of how you could start your own blog successfully in the competitive world and beat your rivals:

  • You should find the perfect name to suit your personality for your travel blog:
  1. It’s the most challenging aspect of starting your journey as a travel blogger.
  2. It takes a lot of breakth to decide one particular blog name for your site.
  3. You need to remember that you will likely be known for your site name for the life expectancy of your blog because changing it is an enormous pain sure you don’t want to go through it again.
  4. We should always find a way to stand out and don’t forget to take a long-term view. You should always define the writing style in your travel blog for emotional appeal.
  5. Keep in mind to make the URL as short and easy as possible to remember.
  • Set up hosting for your blog:
  1. It’s technical and the scariest part to set up.
  2. Once you get the basics, it’s quick and easy to get it all set-up.
  3. They involve a bit of coding stuff. You need not worry about it until its getting all set up.
  4. Bluehost-It’s one of the cheapest options around. The live chat support team of this service is really helpful, friendly, and can usually fix issues within minutes.
  • Install WordPress:
  1. After you have signed up for hosting. Now it’s time to start with the installation of WordPress after completing your Bluehost purchase.
  2. After this step, you will be asked to choose your password for the WordPress site.
  3. Pick a theme which suits you and don’t involve too many thoughts in it. It’s not permanent; it’s just placeholder for now.


After the process of installation, logging into your site. Type in your username and password, and you are in the game.

  • Know more about your dashboard and how it works:
  1. So as a primary user of WordPress, you should know how your dashboard works.
  2. Towards down left-hand-side, you will have important stuff like-
  3. Posts. Pages, comment section, the appearance of your texts, additional features, settings, and color themes.
  • Download a kickass theme:
  1. Everybody wants a pretty site in front of their eye-ball.
  2. It refers to the personalization of your website according to your creative ability
  3. They have different types of appealing themes like Theme Forest and Elegant themes.
  • Design your own exclusive logo: A logo is often referred to as banner or header for the site. It’s a kind of crucial factor that differentiates your websites from other blogger’s site.
  • Install these essential extra features to add personal effects to your site. Keep on posting content related to the trips and places you have covered recently.
  • Start building your audience.

And it’s time to make money from your business!


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