Let’s Think About A Job Free Future

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Nowadays every work is done by the robots. Slowly but definitely our future will be in Machine’s hand. From Serving in a restaurant to driving a car, Retail Staff to Cook everywhere Machines replace the human beings. It all will happen in the future that is for sure. So let’s go out a day in Job Free Future and experience the things in a new way.

So what happens when well-paying middle-class work becomes a historical oddity, like horse-drawn carriages or professional typists? A growing list of technologists, economists, and labor organizers have banded together in recent months to fund studies of universal basic income (UBI), an increasingly popular policy idea in tech circles and on the left that would provide every citizen with a guaranteed monthly income.

Hughes’ group cited increasing “automation, globalization, and financialization,” all of which are changing the nature of work and requiring society “to rethink how to guarantee an economic opportunity for all.”

“Now is the time to think seriously about how recurring, unconditional cash stipends could work, how to pay for them, and what the political path might be to make them a reality, even while many of us are engaged in protecting the existing safety net,” they wrote.

The Omidyar Network’s Mike Kubzansky and Tracy Williams noted in their announcement of the investment that “there are very little research and empirical evidence” on UBI thus far.

“While the discussion has generated a lot of heat, it hasn’t produced very much light,” they wrote.

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