Menstrual Cup Use

Tips For Using A Menstrual Cup

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Periods are an essential part of women body and its very pivotal to maintain hygiene during that time of the month. Here are few suggestions about how to use the Menstrual Cup for a healthy eco-friendly period:

  1. Fold It First: This is the first process to fold it properly. There is always more than one way to do a certain thing, similarly, there are plenty of ways to fold the menstrual cup to make it look like easier to insert down. For the easiest method, you have to squeeze it in half and then fold it into a ‘C’ like shape so it conveniently pops back open once inserted inside the body.
  2. Insert like a tampon: After that you have to insert the folded cup like a tampon(unbuckle or unhook), adjusting and angling it to the back of the spine. After this make sure that it is fully unfolded, in order to create a light pressure level. This suction(the light pressure level) keeps it away from leaking the blood. If you want you can check this by running your finger alongside to make sure that it has properly unfolded. If required Pull it downwards slightly to make it more comfortable and easier to carry.
  3. Learn how long: Before applying the Menstrual Cup, you should have required information about the product and how long you can use/apply it. Majorly it depends on how heavy your Menstrual cycle is. The happy news is that-many girls or women find their cycles get easier and lighter after the have started applying the Menstrual cup.
  4. Remove, clean and Reuse: After using it, rinse it carefully. Firstly, wash off your hands really well and pull down the stem of the menstrual cup to release it. Once its slightly pulled out, gently push it down on another side to release the pressure and attentively remove it. Vacant the entire fluid into the washroom and wash it gently with warm water.
  5. When in Doubt, turn inside out: This is the most crucial tip, everybody should learn. If you have trouble or even if it’s not comfortable, you cannot handle it, or it’s not managing the leaks just turn the cup inside out. It will surely help and works like a pro-tip and you believe me or not it’s really classic and pleasant this way. It’s slightly harder to remove the menstrual cup than to insert it. So just keep in mind use your pelvic floor muscles to gently push it down and remove it peacefully.

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