Learn What is Pogosticking? and How Pogosticking Effecting Your SEO?
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Learn What is Pogosticking? and How Pogosticking Effecting Your SEO?

If you are in the Industry of SEO and Digital Marketing, you are very much familiar with the word “Pogosticking”. And if you did not hear yet about Pogosticking, let me explain to you what it is and why it’s dangerous for your website.

Pogosticking means someone searched for a particular keyword on the Search Engine and click on the result. But suddenly the user return back to the Search Engine Page(SERP) and search for the same keyword and visit the other site. The reason behind the back click for the user may be:

  1. The content is not as per the page Title.
  2. Very few content available on the page.
  3. The information you trying to give the user is not as per the user satisfaction level.


Learn What is Pogosticking? and How Pogosticking Effecting Your SEO?

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Although reason may be whatever, but it clearly makes a bad effect on the search engine.

How Pogosticking is different from Bounce Rate?

Before you start assuming that I am talking about Bounce Rate using the word Pogosticking, I want to make it clear that Pogosticking and Bounce Rate are totally different from each other. Bounce Rate is generally occur when your site attracts the correct audience from search engines, social media, back links or from any source of the traffic providing the right information but not able to stick the reader for longer time due to any reason. Whereas Pogosticking means when someone visit your site from search engine and very quickly return back to the search engine.

How Pogosticking is dangerous for SEO?

Now when you know what Pogosticking means, this is important for you to know that how it effects your SEO. I wants to tell you that Google badly hate Pogosticking more that bounce rate. Normally Pogosticking happens in the less than 5 sec of visit and visitor return back for other site this means your site does not contain the proper information and user experience with your site is very poor. If you have lots of People Pogosticking On and Off on your site than google will penalize your website or blog.

Apart of Title, Description and Content there are few other factors which can cause Pogosticking. These are:

  1. Slow page loading time
  2. Lots of Pop Up ads on website or blog
  3. Outdated Design of the page
  4. Content are not organised properly which leads lots of confusion




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