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Pooja Sharma Open Up About Her Roadies Experience And Personal Life.

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Roadies Real Hero fame Pooja Sharma opens up about her experience in roadies and her personal life. In a recent chat, she revealed some of the interesting secrete about Roadies inside.

Here is what she said about her personal life and experience of Roadies set ” I am civil engineering by education and Transformation specialist by profession. I loved audition, as like other people I had doubts about that show might be fake there will be favoritism during auditions but it wasn’t the case.”

On asking about her fight with two sisters Priya and Preeti on the show she said “Preeti Priya was definitely good in start but they were just in our tent and they had their own reasons for that. Which is totally fine. We decided to the start that if during the vote out if it comes between choosing myself or them. I will choose myself and this everyone agreed intent. During that last task, Priya chose a good gang for her irrespective of thinking about her sister and asked Preeti, Chetna n me to make a team. This idea I didn’t like because it was about survival and everyone will choose best for them and when Priya choose herself over her sister that she doesn’t have the right to tell what we should do. Now during the vote out two names I heard was mine and Preeti and definitely, I will choose me over everyone. So I pitched for myself which they found offending n mean. And we’re fighting for same. What I found offensive is that they were not ready to sacrifice for each other how can they expect someone else to do for them and then they call them Mean?

Same happened when they mentioned about Chetna, why will Chetna sacrifice for them? She will definitely fight for herself.

Priya made her team in the last task without giving a thought about Preeti and then excepting us to sacrifice for Preeti?”

Asking about who is the best gang leader she said ” For me best one is one who did best for their gang n till now that’s Prince sir. In my gang I wasn’t happy with how unheard we girls were, Nikita has mentioned on same. I wasn’t happy with the fact that even after giving some good performance. I never got any appreciation.”

She also said “There’s someone I believe so much. I felt huge betrayal by that person. I hope that person will realize it someday.”

Well by profession she is a dietician and bodybuilder and she also shared her gym schedule “I spend a lot of time in the gym, but my focus is to bring DESI DIET trend. I and my boyfriend with our team have opened a startup called “xtremeperformance” (@xtremeperformance_co ) which helps people in body transformation by Indian food.”


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On asking about her relationship and love affairs she said ” Relationship! Haha, it looks like I am committed from childhood days. I and my boyfriend Gaurabh Chakraborty is in the relationship from 9 years, still together going strong. He has been very supportive of my entire journey. Whether it was weightloss or roadies. I think he is one of the finest man anyone can find, honestly, if he wasn’t there I would have 90 relationships in 9 years He is gem 💎 Best thing he serves breakfast on the bed”




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