20 Top Plugins And Extensions For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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When it comes to SEO and you have to decided which SEO plugins or extension you need to use, It’s very difficult to select one. There are so many plugins and extensions on the internet. So how you can decided which one is better and you need to use.

For decide which one is better let’s discuss about most favourable 20 plugins and extensions. Let’s know there features and use one by one so that it can be easy for you to decided.

Here are top 20 SEO plugins and extensions which are suggested by SEO Experts.

  1. SEO Text Optimizer :- SEO text Optimizer is absolutely free plugin and this is best for those peoples who are mainly into the content. This plugin helps you to maintain the quality of the content. And also helps you to find whether content is right solution of the asked questions or not. You don’t need to get expertise to use tis plugin.
  2. SEOquake :- SEO Quake used for the website audit and keywords audit directly through SERP. This extension provides of lots of ranking metrics like alexa ranking, semrush ranking, social media shares, index pages status directly on SERP.
  3. Builtwith:- This free extension helps you to know which platform or technology used to built the website. This extension helps you to track following things:
  • Widgets
  • Frameworks
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Hosting
  • Analytics
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Document Standards
  1. SERP State Plugin:- SERP State plugin helps you to audit a website ‘s SEO. It helps you to analyses importaed information about Keywords, search volume, page visibility and monthly traffic. It helps you in all possible way to audit your website like page analysis, on page seo analysis and domain analysis. This plugins helps you to analysis following things
  • Domain’s traffic.
  • Domain’s visibility trend for a year.
  • The number of results on Google, Bing, and Baidu.
  • The number of images on Google Image Search.
  • Alexa Rank.
  • Page speed.
  • Site start date.
  • Meta tags.
  • The number of shares on social media networks (Facebook and Pinterest).
  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast:- yoast is an incredible seo plugin for wordpress. This tools helps you to optimize your website or blog page in all possible way. It helps you to add meta title, meta descriptions, keywords on you page. It also provides your page a seo score on the metrics of content and readability of the content.
  2. Wave Evaluation Tool:- This extension is used for web content accessibility. It provides secure and private reporting. It helps you to check whather your website is 100% secure or not.
  3. Spark Content Optimizer:- This extension is used to help you to make your website’s search appearance more better. It gives you the data like monthly traffic, keywords status of your websites, technical audit and back link informations.
  4. Link Redirect Trace:- This is used to track redirected path of your html pages. This extension analysis https redirect, Rel-Canonical, Robots.txt, link power etc.
  5. Ap- Data Layer Inspector+ :- This extension is perfect for developer. It helps you to monitor  Debug, get detail data not having too much between the page and the developer console. It helps you to inspect the real time data layer.
  6. User Agent Switcher:- As the name suggest, this extension helps you to switch user to agent and agent to user mode quickly. It also helps you to check how your website will look on different browser.
  7. Open SEO States:- This plugins helps you to get more seo states in quick time.

You can track following state:-

  • Traffic state, compete rank and alexa traffic
  • Backlink informations of your site
  • Cached pages information
  • Information about indexed pages
  • Geolocation information of your sites
  • Meta informations about your on page seo
  • Social share counts and social states
  1. Velvet Blues:- Velvet Blues is one of the most popular wordpress plugin used to move the site from one server to another server or one domain to another domain. The plugins helps you to solve the error like url redirect issue  and internal back link issue.
  2. WP- Rocket:– WP Rocket plugin helps you to optimize the speed and load of the website. It helps you to minifies the javascript, html and css of the website. It helps to improve the page cache, page load time and indexing of your website.
  3. All in one schema.org rich snippet:- This wordpress plugin is used to put reviews on your website. It stands out your website from the other website.
  4. Cloudflare’s plugin for wordpress:- This plugins used to improve page loading time, improve your seo and protect your website from critical hacking attacks.
  5. Whatruns:- This extensions helps you to find out the technology used by the website. By using this extension you can find out that which plugin, which platform, which server, which theme, which frame works a site is using.
  6. Grammarly:- Grammarly is one of the most popular plugin between the content writers. This plugin high light the grammer mistake in your like , check for the punctuations error and also gives you synonymous word suggestion.
  7. Keywords Everywhere:- This extensions helps you to analysis any keywords on the serp page. Whenever you search for any keywprds on google it shows you all the informations related to that keywords like, search volume, competition and cpc for that particular keywords. It also gives you ideas about the related keywords.
  8. Google XML Sitemap: Google xml sitemap plugins helps you to create site map for your website. You can set the priority of your web pages. It also helps you to create sitemap for google news and helps your website to ranks in google news easily.
  9.  Affiliate WP:- If you are creating a blog or website to make money by affiliate marketing then Affiliate WP is best affiliate plugin for you. It provides easy integrations and link creation between the content.
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