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A Day In The Life Of Shalini “Stylish By Nature” Chopra

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 Fashion. Food. Travel. Beauty. Shalini Chopra sure is giving people major goals across all of these categories through her blog – Stylish By Nature – and social media handles.

In fact, her solid work has even earned her awards for Best Fashion Blogger – South and Blogger of the Year 2018. We caught up with Shalini to find out more about her journey and what a typical day in the life of this #BawseLady looks like!

Tell us a bit about your backstory and how Stylish By Nature came about?

I’m a computer engineer by education and profession, but my heart was always in fashion. In fact, my entire family is into the fashion business. I always used to dress up at work and, earlier at college, and I’d get asked how I compiled my look and where I picked my outfits from. Due to lack of time, I was not able to connect with people, though.

shalini chopra stylish by nature

When I transitioned from Delhi to Bangalore, I finally had time in hand and wanted to switch my job, but wasn’t sure about what to do. I had taken to social media – Facebook – and started talking about fashion.

But, I was not able to connect to the right kind of audience. Somebody suggested blogging, and I realized it is the right platform for me to connect with like-minded people and share information about what I eat, what I wear, how I compile a look and interact with people who share comments and feedback.

shalini chopra stylish by nature

Now, however, your social media following has really increased a lot, too. How has life changed compared to when you started out with just a blog? 

The way people consumed media has changed in the last 10 years from when I was blogging. Back then, there was a shift from print to digital media.

But, now people have even less time to spare to read, so content needs to be crisp, clear, to the point, precise and visual, as well. The shift from blogging to social media has actually been easier since everything is app-based.  

shalini chopra stylish by nature

Now that so many brands have caught onto the importance of influencer marketing, is it difficult to say no to brands that don’t personally appeal to your taste? 

When I started blogging, Indian brands weren’t aware of digital marketing and why they should have a separate budget for it – the process was difficult and creativity was lost within the approval process – it would never happen.

Now, however, brands are aware that consumers consume media through digital platforms and that influencers play big role in online sales. Things are more sorted now – we don’t need to explain why digital media works.

shalini chopra stylish by nature

I choose brands that fit into my vision and agenda. I don’t mind saying no to brands that don’t work for me because It’s about maintaining trust with readers more than the money. I try products myself and see if it worth it and only then share my experience with readers. 

shalini chopra stylish by nature

What’s a typical day in your life?

I’m quite active in terms of fitness – it is an integral part of my life. I start off with 1 hour of gymming because it charges me to take the entire day into my stride. Then, I attend to all my emails and calls and plan my day accordingly. Events are always happening, or I have client meetings or meeting with my team, internally. Photoshoots are happening.

We need to do post-production on shoots, which takes a lot of time. I like for things to go as per my vision so everything is in sync with each other. Earlier, when Stylish By Nature was just a hobby I was doing things by myself. But, now I have a full-time team – it is very important to hire experts rather than doing everything alone.

shalini chopra stylish by natureToday, it is considered acceptable to be an influencer. However, competition has also increased drastically. Any advice for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

1. Be very clear as to what you want to cater to and your vision.
2. Know what sort of freshness you’re bringing to the content, given there is so much competition.
3. Ask yourself how your content will add value to your readers.
4. Do your homework, rather than immediately jumping into something.
5. Be original. Tap into niche markets.
6. More than the numbers, try to connect with real people, even if they are few in the beginning.
shalini chopra stylish by nature
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