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6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Active

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  1. Ask them to do Household chores:

This way kids learn to be soft-hearted and supportive towards the people living around them. It makes them learn how their little effort can be useful for others and make a vast difference in their life.

  1. Involve them in problem-solving assessment:

This will give them a sense of belongingness and they will get a better understanding of society. While doing any small work, engage them with daily life difficulties and situations and give the space to grow through them independently.

  1. Extra Co-curricular participation:

This way will grow mature and more independent adult. Let them do certain things for them by themselves like participation in extra co-curricular activities happening in the school, debate competitions or any other event which will boost their overall confidence and approach towards life.

  1. Learn “academic skills” :

Taking your child to local stationery shops and grocery shops helps them to learn basic mathematics if you let them calculate the number of pens, books and other eatable items. This way the kid will get to perform basic mathematical operations and you would also get a company and motivation.

  1. Importance of Cleanliness:

It has already been stated that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. We all know that purity makes our environment healthy, clean and green.

Cleanliness is also taught in school in different programs and various functions. Kids in early-stage should realize the importance of cleaning the surroundings and it’s ill effects if they fail to do so. They should be taught sustainable development and population explosion in the initial stage of their life so they could be grown into diligent citizens of the country.

  1. Involve them in Reading:

Reading should be inbuilt as a compulsory habit in all the kids from the start. Children of older ages can be given some mythological or historical books. Parents can always create a library or assign some small rack exclusively for books. This will help to analyze their creative ability and critical analysis of every situation.

Children should be made accountable for keeping and arranging their shelf neatly and beautifully. They can be given an option to exchange their books with some of their like-minded friends.

A tip for Parents and especially all mothers out there:

Parents may inculcate a habit of reading in their children. If they are very young, parents should arrange some storybooks with moral values with colorful pictures which interest the child.





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