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Bitter ones are real friends!

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We sure meet all kinds of people in our life. The funny ones, the kind ones, the mean ones, the introvert ones, the cute ones, the friendly ones, the intellectual ones. But the ones who are bitter are one of their kinds. Something or someone leave them bitter in their lives. Though the truth is that they are so real. They would rather be isolated than be pretending to like other people while socializing. The connections they make with people is one without any loophole, trust me. They would tell you your mistakes right to your face. They’ll help you and support you in all walks of your life.

All of you may have come across such kinds. They are repelling at first because they don’t want any sort of bullshit to deal with. The last thing on their mind is fake friendship. Sometimes they can be hard to bear but if you can bear a friend like that, dude, you are in luck. You have a friendship that needs to be cherished as these one friend will be your rock, your constant. These kind of friends establish connections which are beneficial for both the parties. They have practical solutions for all your problems ’cause, hey!, who doesn’t have frustrating problems to deal with. But with a friend like that bye-bye problems.

Don’t let their bitterness fool you, they are sweethearts inside like Mr Scrooge in A Christmas Carol or Mr Carl in Up. Just tired of the drama some people thrive on, that’s all. Otherwise, they are purest of souls you have ever met. About time you go and message the person who has come to your mind and tell them how much you appreciate their rawness. They are tough ones who go through life with a sense of maturity with them. And no society is complete without all kinds of people living in it. So is one incomplete without the bitter ones.

How to determine if friends are real?

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One of the major question during our teenage years and early adult life is: Which of our friends are real? How long are they gonna stay with us for? Often we cannot differentiate between one who is genuinely interested in helping us and the one who pretends to be nice to our faces but as soon as we turn our backs, they start talking shit about us with other people.

Honestly, everybody just wants someone to understand them and their actions. Friends are not only meant to have fun with but also to be their support systems. People who would not leave them alone or altogether in times of misunderstandings. People who would take a stand for them. Because ‘Friends’ are supposed to be those people who know what’s wrong with you, make fun of you regarding those issues and still be there for you after accepting your flaws.

What is really sad and heartbreaking is that, that friend who was always there for you, someone with whom you made a lot of memories, someone who knows everything about you: from your ex-boyfriends to your weird fetish, decides to suddenly disappear from your life without any explanation. You cannot get them to revert to any of your greetings or texts. You are abandoned standing in the middle of your happy days and miserable days, shocked, with just one persistent question in your head: you too? And suddenly it dawns upon you what caeser meant when he says “ET TU, BRUTE?”

Often you notice the signs which reveal that things are going wrong but choose to ignore it because you trust your friends. Or realize it only after everything’s over, a bit too late. First thing you can do to save yourself from this embarrasing situation is talk it out, sort things out with your friends as soon as possible. And learn to believe in intuitions because evidently, intuitions are always right. Second thing you should always do is take time to trust someone. Then, third and most important thing is always consider how they make you feel. Don’t settle for anyone. Know that you deserve the best out there and aim for that.

8 reasons why long distance friendship is the best!

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After school everybody leaves to study in different places. And often best friends have to stay away from each other. But distance cannot separate your hearts.

Here’s 8 reasons why long distance friendship is the best:

  1. Bond gets stronger than ever before as you miss them, you realize the place they have in your life.
  2. You always have something to look forward too. When they come back, you have little time to enjoy so you make the best of it.
  3. Maybe you start speaking less due to busy schedules but the long weekend calls are worth it when you have to fill them in on all the gossip of the week.
  4. You have a reason to bail out of fights because there is just too little time to talk and obviously not enough to waste it on stupid fights. 
  5. You always make each other feel special as you get, well, jealous of them making any other good friends and forgetting you.
  6. You learn new mannerisms, new ways to be stupid and shhhhhh….. new curse words.
  7. You revisit the places you used to go and experience old time again very often. And do more fun stuff together to make memories for future.
  8. Sleepovers are the best after being separated for a reaaaaaally long time.

Best friends are most important people and being away from them is a shitty feeling but long distance is not the factor to ruin it. Keep cherishing you friendship and live happily.

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