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Emily is all kind of goals!!

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If you haven’t heard of Emily Rose Hannon, you are missing out on a major fashion icon. She is just the person you’d want fashion tips from be it hair, shoes, dresses, makeup: how to get them all right and complementing each other.

Her Instagram account is what any girl would want and trust me she is clothing queen, a fashion diva. Check her out @emilyrosehannon and follow her for latest styles and perfect hairdo.

You won’t be disappointed and this is what you’ve been waiting for. She will tell you how to get the perfect look for the day: casual or chic, she knows it all.

Dream on baby!

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What do you do with the dreams that you leave behind? At every step of life, you have an aim to achieve. Humans thrive on success and their dreams fill them with a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes responsibilities, shortage of time, lack of resources pull them back from their dream.

Unable to follow your dreams then disheartens you. No motivating factor is left for you to turn to. So you stop trying to attain your, now, difficult goals and eventually stop dreaming. What happens with all those dreams that you leave behind? Some people repress their aspirations and waive them off thinking them to be useless part of their future life. Some try to inspire their kids to fulfill their dreams for them. But are they not aware of goals of their children?

Unfulfilled dreams are like unrequited love. Do you give up on your love as easily as you do on your dreams? So declare your love for dreams like you would for someone special. Fight for your passion. Struggle for your dreams. Don’t hold back until you achieve your aim. If it is what makes you happy, what you want to do; then do it. You don’t need someone’s permission. And no one has the authority to withhold your aspirations from you.

Because think how dull your life would be if you don’t work towards your goals. How are you going to convince your companions to work towards their ambitions as well? Remember no one would put all of their belief in you if you don’t give required time and efforts to achieve your ambitions. So please, do not lose hope. Do not abandon your dreams. You have so much to look forward to. Think how satisfied and happy and proud you will be with yourself. You won’t regret not having a life of your dreams. Hold on for the desired results and enjoy to the fullest. And you will grow old with stories to tell.



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