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How You Can Stop Hair Fall By using These 4 Home Remedies?

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Hair Fall is one of the major issue now days. Most of peoples have this issue of hair fall. Doctors suggest that it’s happening because of the imbalance diet and hormonal issue. There are lots of big brands who are giving you proven solution with 100% guarantee that they can control your hair fall problem and It’s beneficial also. But it cost you huge of amount.

So Is not it’s good enough to use home made or home remedies for hair fall solution instead of taking all costly solution from biggest brands? Of course your answer will be “yes”. After all everyone wants to save money. So here i am giving you 4 Home remedies by using them you can control your hair fall.


Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall!

1. Coconut Milk:- Coconut Oil is one of the best solution because it’s reach in vitamin E which is helpful for hair growth. It also contains potassium and fat which help to smother the hair. It’s easy to use and you can make it at home from grated coconut. Just squeezed the oil from granted oil and apply on your scalp with the help of dye brush. After Applying Coconut oil cover the head with towel for 20 Minute. After 20 Minute remove towel and wash the head with shampoo.

2. Aloe Vera:- A leaf of aloe Vera can be handy to stop hair fall. Its easy to use and you can apply easily. To apply this ensure that hair is already washed and massage the head with palm of the aloe Vera. Keep it for 15 Minute and then wash with cold water. You can repeat the process three times in week.

3. Neem:- As we know that neem has excellent antibacterial properties which help to keep scalp healthy. It is easy to use. Take 12 to 15 Leaf and boil the leaf in a container with water. Then keep it for cooling at normal state. Wash your hair with this neem and water mixture. After that wash your hair with shampoo. You can do it once in a week.

4. Green Tea:- You can use Green Tea also to stop your hair fall. You only need 2 to 3 Tea Bag. and 3 to 4 Cup of Hot Water. Insert the Tea Bag into the Hot Water. And wait for some time till it cool down. Remove The Tea Bag and Massage the mixture over your Scalp. Use This process twice a Week.

Green Tea, The Amazing Solution For Your Anti Aging Problem.

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Are you feared of getting older? Do you think that you are looking older than your age? You got wrinkles on your face and you supposed to get older and older very soon? Well this is not a good sign for you and your health.

Well now reverse the situation. Do you think that there is any natural phenomena through which you caan look younger and feel fresh all the time? You Can enjoy your 20’s Life? Is there any medicine which can help you to keep younger for long time? Well you answer should be no. Not what if I say you that you can be younger for the longer time?

Yes, I am not lying and nothing like selling content on the name of providing solution of your aging. You will be shocked to know that drinking a cup of green tea every day you can look 10 times younger than your real age.

Not let me explain you what are the factors for aging. According to a free radical theory aging is happen because of the toxins chemical and free radicals which are generated in our body due to the chemical reaction. These radicals harm the cell which help you to keep healthy and cut down the oxygen and collagen level from the other parts of the body. So if you have the large number of free radicals present in your body, you will look more older.

now lets see what green tea actually do with our body. Green Tea reacts as a antioxidant moisturizer for our our body and it cleans your skin and make it to glow. Basically due to its antioxidants property it helps to destroy the free radicals in your body.

So if you wants to look younger start drinking Green Tea from Today Itself.

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