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Rudrita Chatterjee , A Fashion Blogger and Traveler.

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Rudrita Chatterjee

Beautiful eyes, cute smile, and sexy body, there is no word to describe the beauty of this Kolkata girl and fashion and beauty blogger Rudrita Chatterjee. Here is the secrete reveals of beauty and personal life.

1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

Frida Kahlo.

2. What made you decide to start blogging?

Love for fashion & writing.

3. Favorite fashion magazine?


4. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Currently experimenting a lot with shirts or tops with trousers & heels.

5. Celebrity crush?

I’m not a ‘celebrity-crush’ person. Although I love a couple of things from some individuals. Morgan Freeman for his voice, Ranbir Kapoor for cuteness and Akshay Kumar for fitness and disciplined lifestyle.

6. What type of camera do you use?

DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

7. Coffee or Tea?


8. Heels? or Flats?


9. What is your dream job?

What I’m doing right now. Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging.

10. Name your Top 3 favorite bands.

H&M, Forever 21 and Ritu Kumar.

Rudrita Chatterjee11. Favorite lipstick color?

Nude shades. Like Mehr from MAC.

12. How many tattoos do you have?


13. Favorite Quote?

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” – Dalai Lama.

14. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

I’m into so many handicrafts. I love to make handmade journals.

15. Five beauty products you can’t live without?

Concealer, Mascara, lipstick, highlighter and face mist.

16. Hair “done” or messy?


17. Makeup or no makeup?

Little makeup.

18. Favourite item of clothing?


19. Gym or exercising outdoors?

Walking or running outside and lightweight training.

20. Can you cook?

100%. I love cooking.

Rudrita Chatterjee21. Favourite food?

Oil-free chicken recipe.

22. Favorite drink?


23. Happiest moment?

Whenever I’m with my whole family.

24. Blog or YouTube?


25. 9-5 job or full-time influencer?

Full-time influencer.

26. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

In a blink.

27. What’s your top Instagram tip?

To be consistent and to be yourself.

28. Who takes your pics?

My husband. He is an internationally acclaimed photographer.

29. Most terrifying moment since being an influencer?

Once I had to post an image in a particular time for one of my clients and my phone got out of network coverage area. The most horrifying moment because commitment is everything.

30. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

I was in a shopping mall once and a girl came to me and thanked me so much for motivating her life and helped her get out of depression through my words.

Rudrita Chatterjee31. Last thing you googled?

That’s a secret!

32. Living in the city or living by the beach?

By the beach always.

33. Partner or single?


34. Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

Gergana Ivanova, Tezza, Lisa Homsy, Alex Box, Tokyobahnbao.

35. How did you decide to become a fashion blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

Yes! Because fashion & writing always give me so much pleasure and positivity.

36. How was the response initially? Share some moments?

By the grace of God, I received quite a good response from the very beginning. I got my first paid collaboration just in 3 months after starting blogging and it was from an international brand. It was a great encouragement for me.

37. Do you think Organised Stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers?

Not really. A fashion blogger’s eyes should catch whatever unique.

38. Whom do you envision as your target reader?

There’s not any specific target as such. I love to have them whoever fell good while reading.

39. What motivates you to blog?

Content creation.

40. Suggestion for your readers?

Love yourself and be yourself.

Rudrita Chatterjee

Aishwarya Iyengar: Fashion Blogger and Fashion Designer.

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Aishwarya Iyengar Fashion Blogger

Meet the girl with a beautiful smile and cute face Aishwarya Iyengar fashion blogger and fashion designer.

1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

That Boho Girl

2. What made you decide to start blogging?

It was my hobby during work, I would research on fashion trends, I started jotting them down

3. Favorite fashion magazine?


4. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Sarees they are timeless

5. Celebrity crush?

Deepika Padukone

6. What type of camera do you use?


7. Coffee or Tea?


8. Heels? or Flats?

Flats forever

9. What is your dream job?

To Sit on the ball swing and work

10. Name your Top 3 favorite bands?-

Global Desi, Nicobar, Zara

11. Favorite lipstick color?


12. How many tattoos do you have?


13. Favorite Quote?

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who really do

14. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

I’m getting married

15. Five beauty products you can’t live without?

Sunscreen, Aloe vera gel, Coconut oil, Kajal, Lipstick

16. Hair “done” or messy?

Messy forever

17. Makeup or no makeup?

No Makeup

18. Favorite item of clothing?


19. Gym or exercising outdoors?

Exercising outdoors

20. Can you cook?

Yes I do it every day

21. Favorite food?


22. Favorite drink?

Long Island Ice tea

23. Happiest moment?

When I got selected to NIFT

24. Blog or YouTube?


25. 9-5 job or full-time influencer?


26. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

1 hour

27. What’s your top Instagram tip?

Be you always

28. Who takes your pics?

My Boyfriend

29. A most terrifying moment since being an influencer?

Am I good enough?

30. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

Spa, Vacation

31. Last thing you googled?

How to keep myself inspired

32. Living in the city or living by the beach?


33. Partner or single?


34. Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

That Boho Girl, Style Me up with Sakshi, TheBohoBalika, Box & Plates

35. How did you decide to become a fashion blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

Yes it was, As I’m a Fashion Designer by Profession

36. How was the response initially? Share some moments?

Not great

37. Do you think Organised Stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers?

Yes they do

38. Whom do you envision as your target reader?

Aspiring Bloggers

39. What motivates you to blog?

My sense of unique style and crazy Ideas

40. Suggestion for your readers?

Be you!

Meet One Of The Most Prominent Contestant Of Skull And Roses Rituja Gautam

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Rituja Gautam

Meet one of the most prominent contestant of Skull and Roses Rituja Gautam urf Rits Gautam. She share her experience on the show and her personal life.

1. Tell about yourself?

I belong from a small city Balaghat, came with a dream to study and live in Metro cities and that’s how I ended up in Bangalore. Struggled a lot to achieve my dreams & never gave up that’s how even though I’m short in height I did Modeling, Acting, Anchoring and one of the biggest accomplishment is SKULLS and ROSES.

2. Your Family?

It’s been 5 years my father passed away. I have my mum back home in Balaghat along with my Brother, his wife, their son Shaan and my bacha’s litter Oreo (Shihtzu).

Rituja Gautam3. Schooling and graduation?

I did my schooling from Balaghat only and Graduated from The Oxford College Bangalore

4. What was doing before skull and roses?

I was and still working in IT. I’m also into Modeling and Acting.

Rituja Gautam5. About RitzTone entertainment?

I use to do organize events too like parties, product launch, promotions and much more. I had business partner and person closest to me in Bangalore, we both organised biggest of events in Bangalore collaborating with other event companies. I was finding it too difficult to manage my IT job, Modeling and Events and that’s how I transferred over the company to my business partner.

6. How you got opportunity to participate in “South India Queen”?

I was auditioning for Roadies and had no luck. I love Fashion/Acting and wanted to be in Fashion and Acting industry. My friends suggested the easiest way to reach my goals is get into Modeling and that’s how I auditioned for Beauty Pea gent SOUTH INDIA QUEEN.

7. “Jaguar” – Kannada and Imaikka Nodigal experience?

Jaguar I had Cameo like literally for few secs, I did that to introduce myself to Kannada Industry. People are helpful and Infact the main villain of movie Mr Sampath Raj Kumar use to translate the scenes for me. It was a good start.
Imaikka Nodigal was offered to me as they wanted a rich looking spoilt Brat daughter and one of the Coordinater showed my FB to producer & Director of the Movie and that’s how it was offered to me. It was an amazing surprise that I had chance to share screen with Mr Anurag Kashyap and he is gem of a person. We both were odd ones out due to language barrier and connected instantly. I did have chance to meet Naian Tara as well the most famous actress of Tamil Industry ad she is adorable too. It was am smooth and amazing experience.

Rituja Gautam8. Who you think was compatible with you on the show?

Mayank Chowdhary any day. We instantly connected and were together until my vote out. I did do things which he didn’t like in the show for survival but he never left me and was always by my side.

9. Your best friend on the show?

Angel Bhandari my janemann. She isn’t a friend, she is like a sis to me. We shared rooms together and stood by each other always. We are together and by god grace should be together forever.

Rituja Gautam10. About your love life and relationship status?

I have dated one of the most amazing person in my life who is guide and a close friend to me. We still have mutual understanding but currently I’m SINGLE.

11. What are you doing after skull and roses?

Show just released and I’m still enjoying the success of it. I do have future plans just keeping my fingers crossed.

12. The format of the show contains lots of adult content, do you want to say anything about that?

Really, I didn’t see any adult content. Lol just kidding. For us it was more like fun and less adult. Whatever we did was part of Chemistry Tests (Task). Apart from that Dates were totally our choices how we wanted it to go. My date wasn’t that bold. Matta and I just built a good friendship on our date so.

Rituja Gautam13. Life before and after show?

Life before show was full of attention for me as I did YouTube show TGF – The Guiding Factor apart from that movies, lotta print shoots and TVCs. Life after Skulls and Roses opened the door for me to Hindi Industry as well as bigger platforms and more Fan

14. The best complement you get after the show?

That I was playing the smartest game among all contestants and had true quality to win the show.

15. Raghu or Rajeev?

Raghu has been my crush from Roadies day so Raghu. Rajeev is damn sweet but yea I am a little biased towards Raghu.

Rituja Gautam16. Best task and worst task on the show?

Best Task probably the one I won EP4 Prison History Questioner Electric Shock one. No worst I enjoyed all Traps and Chemistry Tests.

17. Animal lover?

Yea, I have 3 pets currently with me. Bubble (mother) and her two female litter Buttercup & Caramel. Her only son litter Oreo I gifted to my nephew Shaan and he is also within family in my native.

18. Fitness secret?

Currently I have put on weight as I love sweets  and not been gyming. Otherwise healthy diet and regular workout.

Rituja Gautam19. Fav cosmetic brand?

I use different brands for different stuff. But Sephora and Make up Forever are my fav makeup brands.

20. Any project you are doing after skull and roses?

Not yet.

21. How you are lookign forward?

Planning either on a fiction series. If reality show will be BIGG BOSS.

22. Would you like to say anything about angel bhandari as she said you are best friend?

She is very rude to people she hates and damn caring n loving towards people she love. She has beautiful soul and I love her a lot.

Rituja Gautam23. With whom you are in contact with after the show?

I am still in touch with my girl gang – Angel, Aafreen & Kajal. Among guys Ashwin Dadlani is my closest otherwise I still do talk to Vipin, Utsav, Mayank and sometimes Nanci.

24. The worst message you received on your

I didn’t actually receive any negative message or comment till now. But I guess one person commented under my pic that I had wrong choice of friends which I didn’t like. Otherwise nothing. Rituja Gautam

A Day In The Life Of Shalini “Stylish By Nature” Chopra

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shalini chopra stylish by nature

 Fashion. Food. Travel. Beauty. Shalini Chopra sure is giving people major goals across all of these categories through her blog – Stylish By Nature – and social media handles.

In fact, her solid work has even earned her awards for Best Fashion Blogger – South and Blogger of the Year 2018. We caught up with Shalini to find out more about her journey and what a typical day in the life of this #BawseLady looks like!

Tell us a bit about your backstory and how Stylish By Nature came about?

I’m a computer engineer by education and profession, but my heart was always in fashion. In fact, my entire family is into the fashion business. I always used to dress up at work and, earlier at college, and I’d get asked how I compiled my look and where I picked my outfits from. Due to lack of time, I was not able to connect with people, though.

shalini chopra stylish by nature

When I transitioned from Delhi to Bangalore, I finally had time in hand and wanted to switch my job, but wasn’t sure about what to do. I had taken to social media – Facebook – and started talking about fashion.

But, I was not able to connect to the right kind of audience. Somebody suggested blogging, and I realized it is the right platform for me to connect with like-minded people and share information about what I eat, what I wear, how I compile a look and interact with people who share comments and feedback.

shalini chopra stylish by nature

Now, however, your social media following has really increased a lot, too. How has life changed compared to when you started out with just a blog? 

The way people consumed media has changed in the last 10 years from when I was blogging. Back then, there was a shift from print to digital media.

But, now people have even less time to spare to read, so content needs to be crisp, clear, to the point, precise and visual, as well. The shift from blogging to social media has actually been easier since everything is app-based.  

shalini chopra stylish by nature

Now that so many brands have caught onto the importance of influencer marketing, is it difficult to say no to brands that don’t personally appeal to your taste? 

When I started blogging, Indian brands weren’t aware of digital marketing and why they should have a separate budget for it – the process was difficult and creativity was lost within the approval process – it would never happen.

Now, however, brands are aware that consumers consume media through digital platforms and that influencers play big role in online sales. Things are more sorted now – we don’t need to explain why digital media works.

shalini chopra stylish by nature

I choose brands that fit into my vision and agenda. I don’t mind saying no to brands that don’t work for me because It’s about maintaining trust with readers more than the money. I try products myself and see if it worth it and only then share my experience with readers. 

shalini chopra stylish by nature

What’s a typical day in your life?

I’m quite active in terms of fitness – it is an integral part of my life. I start off with 1 hour of gymming because it charges me to take the entire day into my stride. Then, I attend to all my emails and calls and plan my day accordingly. Events are always happening, or I have client meetings or meeting with my team, internally. Photoshoots are happening.

We need to do post-production on shoots, which takes a lot of time. I like for things to go as per my vision so everything is in sync with each other. Earlier, when Stylish By Nature was just a hobby I was doing things by myself. But, now I have a full-time team – it is very important to hire experts rather than doing everything alone.

shalini chopra stylish by natureToday, it is considered acceptable to be an influencer. However, competition has also increased drastically. Any advice for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

1. Be very clear as to what you want to cater to and your vision.
2. Know what sort of freshness you’re bringing to the content, given there is so much competition.
3. Ask yourself how your content will add value to your readers.
4. Do your homework, rather than immediately jumping into something.
5. Be original. Tap into niche markets.
6. More than the numbers, try to connect with real people, even if they are few in the beginning.
shalini chopra stylish by nature

Fashion Tips From The Founder Of The Style Infusion and Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe

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Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe

Hey Everyone! Welcome back with a new article and a new interview session with one of the talented and recognized fashion blogger on Instagram. Either it is in ethnic outfit or western outfit, fashion blogger Komal Marathe looks amazing in all. With her cute smile and ocean-like eyes, she can steal your heart. So let’s know about her beauty secrete and fashion style more.

1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

I look up to Danielle Bernstein for her ultra-chic style and the daily dose of fashion. She can rock any outfit be it anything from basics to glam party look.

2. What made you decide to start blogging?

I have always loved fashion and styling excites me. I was also passionate about modeling, so I thought of combining all my interests and created a fashion blog. Initially I couldn’t write much but eventually I learned by following some tips about content writing.

3. Favorite fashion magazine?

Vogue will always be my favorite

4. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Obsessed with animal prints these days, especially leopard print & Snake print. It gives classy
and fierce vibes.

Animal prints are extremely versatile as print is fashion’s new neutral and is styled in numerous
ways by adding other elements to the look.

I am not a fan of structured and tailored outfits but I still obsessing over power suits as it
radiates authority, looks classy and projects confident personality. It kind of gives total boss
babe vibes.

5. Celebrity crush?

Hritik Roshan

Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe6. What type of camera do you use?

Canon M50 for most of my pictures for the blog, Instagram and YouTube GoPro hero 7 for my travel videos iPhone 7 when I am too lazy to carry canon M50 (Instagram stories and pictures)

7. Coffee or Tea?

Die-hard chai lover, so definitely Tea over Coffee

8. Heels? or Flats?

I would prefer flats over heels because I am more confident when I am comfortable and being
confident is very important to look stylish.

9. What is your dream job?

I am not a job kinda person as I love being my own boss, hence dream job isn’t a thing for me. I would love to work for 12 hours for my venture rather than working for someone else from 9 to 5.

10. Name your Top 3 favorite bands.

I am shopping a lot from Shein these days as they have an amazing collection at an affordable price but my favorite brands are “ZARA” for their sophisticated chic collection,” H&M” for all easy-breezy vacay outfits and “ONLY” for the perfect-fit denim.

Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe11. Favorite lipstick color?

MAC “Ruby woo” is the all-time favorite but I am also loving over MAC -“All fired up” these days.

12. How many tattoos do you have?

None, but I am planning to get one soon.

13. Favorite Quote?

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.”

14. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

My readers would be surprised to know that I am Pharmacist ( Masters in Pharmacy) by profession and not a model. Also, I am working on a project which includes skincare formulation that would be useful for acne and other skin issues. I am also a certified yoga trainer.

15. Five beauty products you can’t live without?

My MAC Studio fix compact, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, and lipstick.

16. Hair “done” or messy?

Hair was done always because I feel a person should look presentable rather than messy.

17. Makeup or no makeup?

I would say minimal makeup. Again it’s very important to look good and feel good. I don’t prefer applying a lot of makeup, but a compact to even out skin tone, mattify skin texture and lipstick to brighten up my face.

18. Favorite item of clothing?

I am obsessing over high waist pants these days. They are extremely comfortable and looks uber cool especially when paired with a sassy crop top.

19. Gym or exercising outdoors?

I prefer Yoga always.

20. Can you cook?

I hate cooking and never stepped in the kitchen until last year. But eventually, I learned a few dishes so that at least I can cook something and survive when the cook isn’t available.

Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe21. Favorite food?

I love anything that is chatpata and spicy, So pani puri is eternal love. I also love Manchurian a lot.

22. Favorite drink?

Always up for a glass of Red wine

23. Happiest moment?

I recently visited the Maldives and shared my vacation pictures and wrote a detailed blog about it. The response I received on my pictures and blog was amazing. It was unexpected, I thought people may like only pictures but so many found the blog really helpful and even planned their vacation according to my suggestions and it was overwhelming.

24. Blog or YouTube?

I have spent more time on my blog than youtube, so Blog over youtube.

25. 9-5 job or full-time influencer?

Full-time influencer

Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe26. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

Whatever perfect and beautiful picture people see on Instagram includes a hell lot of efforts. Out of 50-100 pictures, a best one with perfect lighting and angle goes up on Instagram. I don’t rely on anyone else to edit my picture and I do it myself so even that takes a lot of time, and later comes the most important part that is caption and hashtags.
I make sure that the caption aligns with the picture or it has some kind of story to express so that the audience find it meaningful to spend their few seconds on my post. So in short, even if it’s a normal picture it requires a lot of time, patience and effort.

27. What’s your top Instagram tip?

The first and the most important is ” Content is King” The next one is to be consistent with the posts. There was a time when I used to be on & off on my Instagram & blog due to various other things that I was doing and that affected the engagement badly. Over time I have realized that it is very important to be consistent with the posts otherwise the audience may lose interest in your content. I also feel that the people whom we follow has some impact on our thoughts & feelings, so if someone is motivational or helpful then it is justified to follow them or else if you ever feel intimidated or depressed coz the person you follow has negative vibes than unfollowing that account right away is a good idea.

28. Who takes your pics?

I have a team who clicks my pictures mostly, otherwise, I don’t mind carrying my tripod wherever I go. Most of my travel pictures are clicked with the help of a tripod.

29. A most terrifying moment since being an influencer?

I can’t remember anything terrifying but I have faced rude behavior of brands, PRs and also some fellow bloggers which is heartbreaking. Somewhere I feel everyone should support each other and grow together but somehow some people don’t co-operate no matter what.

30. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

So here goes a little story about the best gift. Two years back when I was going through Instagram I saw a brand called Daniel Wellington and I loved a watch from their collection. I even planned to buy one and visited their site but I found it a little expensive so gave up on the thought of buying. A few months later I got a collaboration mail from the brand itself and I did a happy dance. They sent me a watch that I loved along with a cute handcuff.

So, I feel that watch is the best gift I have ever received because my thoughts actually came into existence.
This was two years back when they were collaborating only with some bloggers, now the collaboration has become very common and every blogger has a DW watch.

Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe31. Last thing you googled?

I am inclining more toward ethnic wear these days and I have developed this new love for Lucknowi Kurtas which looks very elegant. So last thing I googled is about Lucknowi Kurtas and sarees.

32. Living in the city or living by the beach?

I always love being close to nature as it makes me feel fresh and content. Also, I am totally a beach bum so definitely living by the beach rather than the city.

33. Partner or single?

Happily married to the love of my life.

34. Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

1-@weworewhat( Danielle Bernstein) for her amazing sense of fashion and ultrasmart looks
2- @natashandlovu (Natasha Ndlovu) for her effortless looks with the perfect dose of confidence
3- @backpackdiariez for breathtaking travel pictures. I am impressed with the effort they take behind every picture.
4- @chloe_t ( Chloe Ting) for her fitness tips and videos. I have been following here since a while and also included her fitness suggestions in my workout routine and it actually works. So fitness enthusiast should follow her account.
5- @goal.cast for the daily dose of positivity & motivation.

35. How did you decide to become a fashion blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

I always loved experimenting with my outfits and adding an element which reflects my style. Most of my friends used to be impressed with the way I dress up and would consider my suggestions to amp up their styling game. That’s when I realized I should share my perception of style and the best way to do that was through blogging. Initially, I was quite nervous to go about it because I thought people may criticize me or may not support me and I may fail in this process. But, ” You only fail if you stop trying” so I thought of giving it a try and I am glad I
started my blogging journey. Now when I look back, I feel great about my progress in these years and I am grateful for everything and everyone who supported me.

Fashion Blogger Komal Marathe36. How was the response initially? Share some moments?

The response I received initially was unexpected, everyone around appreciated my content, the pictures and even the way I presented it. People who had no idea about blogging were also very curious and excited to know what I am doing. It was overwhelming and encouraged me a lot to continue further.

37. Do you think Organised Stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers?

Yes! I think organized stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers because bloggers are getting a lot of recognition as they have an audience who tend to buy things which they use. Also in this digital era, marketing and promotion help a lot to create awareness about the brand and promotion through fashion bloggers is one of the dominant parameters in driving sales. Also, a lot of people look for reviews before actually buying any product.

38. Whom do you envision as your target reader?

When I started with my fashion blog, I thought of targeting only Female who has a passion for styling but when I started posting about lifestyle, travel blogs & beauty tips. Travel blogs received a great response, especially from the male audience. So I am planning to post more about my travel stories along with fashion & lifestyle so it helps to target reader of both genders.

39. What motivates you to blog?

My main objective behind blogging is to share my perspective about fashion and my knowledge about beauty and lifestyle. I feel motivated when friends or people around appreciate the blogs or ask me for suggestions. It gives me immense pleasure to know that my blogs help people in some or other way.

40. Suggestion for your readers?

I would suggest that if you go through any content online be it styling, beauty or anything else, If you find it helpful, take some efforts and appreciate the content creator. Even a few kind words of appreciation motivates the content creator and means the world to him/her. Creating content is not at all easy. It is not just a mobile click with tons of filters on it (which most of the people think)

Fashion Blogger Komal MaratheA lot goes behind the beautiful picture or video you see on social media. It’s a long process from planning, production to execution. So do not hesitate to show some love.

The most important is never compare your life with someone you see online, everyone has a different aim in life.

So be happy with whatever you are right now and this kind of positivity will help you achieve your goal

So how was it, guys? I hope you guys enjoyed this conversation and got a lot of hints about the secrete of Komal Marathe’s fashion and beauty. She elaborated every question is amazing and honest about the industry.

For more fashion tips from Komal, you can visit her blog thestyleinfusion.com  or Instagram account and Youtube for video tips.

Angel Bhandari Reveals Naughty Secrete Of Her Life And Talked About Skull And Roses.

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Angel Bhandari Skull and Roses

Hey everyone, I hope you all are enjoying our content. Here we come up with some secrete of the Skull and Roses fame Angel Bhandari. We had some interesting conversation with the gorgeous lady about the show and about her personal life. Trust me she is more hot, sexy and bold with her words in the real-life than the show.

So here the secrete of Angel Bhadari’s life

I: What you were doing before skull and roses?

Angel Bhandari: I was doing belly dancing n modeling before skulls n rose

I: Native place and living?

Angel Bhandari: I am from Bengal and living in Kolkata with family.

I: Schooling and graduation?

Angel Bhandari: I did my schooling from Lake point convent school from Kolkata and graduation from Andrew College Kolkata

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#skullsandroses Rose island shoot Life is all about a journey when u work hard u will get success one day.

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I: How you get a chance to be in the skull and roses?

Angel Bhandari: One of my friends request me to give an audition. Bt I was not knowing the show name. N he called me up the midnight to give audition I said no I cannot go for audition. As u inform me very short period. N he said u can come n try for once. I said no then he said u r the best for the show why don’t u try I said ok let me try bt m not sure .n next afternoon I went for an audition. I really don’t know they gonna take me or not as I was scared as I never give audition before

I: But the theme of the show was totally different and the Indian audience does not accept this kind of content easily. So at that time are you aware of content?

Angel Bhandari: They told me something different n bold concepts .bt I was not aware of the content. See people will judge u if u do good content or bad. I know the Indian audience will not accept bt. M bold n I know my self .n my family supports me a lot my friends n I don’t care about anyone as no one is feeding me at the end I have to survive myself

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I: Bathtub scene with Sahil is the hottest part of the show. What you were thinking at that time and how you prepared yourself?

Angel Bhandari: See while shooting time it just an act for me .any kind of sense doesn’t matter either it’s bathtub or bed sense. I was doing my job in this character

I: About people mentality towards you?

Angel Bhandari: See m bold, sexy, hot so I love to expose my self. As I struggle a lot to be something in my life .n people always talk sweet and at the end, they want to see nude. I want to work in the porn industry as it’s my dream to be a worldwide porn star. As people love to watch porn n they don’t accept. After seeing my pictures bold video they masturbate also I know but they don’t accept it. They want me to entertain them as play doll when I don’t entertain they start abusing me

I: What the difference you see around yourself after the show?

Angel Bhandari: I think I can do much better in the show so people love me more. I will always be the same if I become a big star also as m very much down to earth girl as I have seen my life closely.

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A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eyes and gives it a wink .🎈

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I: The most entertaining task for you in the show?

Angel Bhandari: My Fakegasm .is most entertaining task in rose island

I: Who is more naughty between Rajiv and Raghu?

Angel Bhandari: Rajiv is a friend in the rose island and Raghu is hard and ruthless in the skulls island so Rajiv is NAUGHTY as the rose island is for fun

I: Which boy you think compatible with you in the show?

Angel Bhandari: Shahil if is not back steps

I: Is there any project you are working right now?

Angel Bhandari: No looking for good Opportunity

I: Who is your best friend from the show?

Angel Bhandari: Ritz Gautam. Still, we have the same and good bond

I: Fav actor?

Angel Bhandari: Salman Khan and Kartik Aryan. I wish I can work with them

I: Fav color

Angel Bhandari: White

I: So are you follow any porn star and you want to be like her?

Angel Bhandari: Yes, I admire sunny leone. I want to be like her

I: So what’s next plan now?

Angel Bhandari: Looking forward to good project either as a team dancer in Bollywood or porn star in adult industry

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I: About Hardik Pandya

Angel Bhandari: Yes m a big fan of Hardik Pandya. Wish to meet him one day

I: Tell something about love life

Angel Bhandari: M happily single. See I love my career more than love life. I don’t want my love life come between my career life

I: So what you are doing right now to become porn star?

Angel Bhandari: Giving audition.

I: Are you in contact with some other person from same industry?

Angel Bhandari: Yes I know many people in porn industry but I can’t take anyone names

I: So do you have any plan to have own porn site?

Angel Bhandari: M planning my own app soon

I hope you guys come to know a lot about the hottest lady of Skull and Roses. Let us know if you have any question to ask Angel Bhandari. We will forward your question to the girl.

Interview With Journalist, Influencer and Life Style Blogger Tashneem Ali Chaudhury.

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Tashneem Ali CHaudhury

Hello Friends, here is the journey of blogger, writer, media strategist and fashion influencer Tashneem Ali Chaudhury. A lady with a soft heart and a very interactive personality. Her article sentimental lady on the Hindustan Times website really impressed me a lot. Here she shared her fashion funda, experience with blogging and how blogging helping her to make money. Here is a detail about conversation.

1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

Amal Clooney, Princess Kate Middleton from the modern age. Earlier it was Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, and even actress Uma Thurman.

2. What made you decide to start blogging?

I have been a journalist for more than two decades now. When I gave up my full-time job with Hindustan Times and embarked on a freelancing career, it was satisfying but could not make me very fulfilled. I am a workaholic and a perfectionist so I needed to do more. I enjoy multi-tasking. That was the start of my real blogging journey last year in December. Before that, though I had the blog, I wasn’t a regular writer there.

3. Favorite fashion magazine?


4. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I don’t follow trends at all. I’m very individualistic and very bohemian, yet sophisticated in my dressing style and outlook towards life.

5. Celebrity crush?

I like achievers who are cool and seem approachable too. Jamie Mcdornan, the actor and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Fashion Blogger Tasneem Ali Chaudhury6. What type of camera do you use?

D3100 Nikon camera and my Samsung Galaxy 8 phone.

7. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee when I’m out. Tea at home.

8. Heels? or Flats?

Heels when I want to feel beautiful. Flats for lazy comfort.

9. What is your dream job?

Traveling all over the world and writing about it.

10. Name your Top 3 favorite bands.

Mark’s and Spencer, Zara and Mango.

11. Favorite lipstick color?


12. How many tattoos do you have?

None. I would get bored very fast if I had one!

13. Favorite Quote?

From my favorite writer Haruki Murakami: If you remember me, then I don’t care if everybody else forgets.

14. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

I’m easy. I’m simple. That’s me on the face. Inside my head, I’m super complicated and I super think all the time.

15. Five beauty products you can’t live without?

Body shop night creams, Body shop sunscreens, Maybelline liquid lipsticks, Loccitane body creams, Revlon multi-box of lip shades.

Fashion Blogger Tasneem Ali Chaudhury16. Hair “done” or messy?

Messy usually.

17. Makeup or no makeup?

Depends on the occasion. I don’t like to camouflage my natural looks. I feel I look better without makeup.

18. Favorite item of clothing?

Shorts and Ganji tops.

19. Gym or exercising outdoors?

Walking, running.

20. Can you cook?

I’m a good cook. Just very moody, like with everything else in my life. I can rustle up a great biryani and pasta and everything under the sun. Except, I can’t make a roti!

21. Favorite food?

Anything European

22. Favorite drink?


33. Partner or single?

I’ve been married for 15 years now!

23. Happiest moment?

When my babies were born. I have two boys 12 and 6 years old.

24. Blog or YouTube?

Blog absolutely!

25. 9-5 job or full-time influencer?

Fulltime influencer

Fashion Blogger Tasneem Ali Chaudhury26. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

Around 15 minutes

27. What’s your top Instagram tip?

Post from your heart. But use your head too. Know how to create visually interesting content.

28. Who takes your pics?

Myself or my husband, sometimes.

29. A most terrifying moment since being an influencer?

When I was referred to as an ‘influencer’ rather than a journalist, that has been my whole career, otherwise.

30. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

Products don’t make me go all lovey-dovey. I prefer it when a client says: what you wrote was amazing!

31. Last thing you googled?

Ego surfing myself.

32. Living in the city or living by the beach?

Beach anyday

34. Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

a. Andrew Gerasimenko for stunning photography
b. Makeup Vincent for beauty
c. Food Minimalist for eats
d. Dr. Mike for fun pictures
e. Selena Gomez for celebrity chilling pictures

35. How did you decide to become a fashion blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

A lifestyle blogger would be more appropriate. I write on every topic under the sun.

36. How was the response initially? Share some moments?

Slow to pick up where I always had people tell me that my content was top-notch and fabulous but I needed to do marketing.

37. Do you think Organised Stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers?

Yes, they do.

38. Whom do you envision as your target reader?

20 to 55.

39. What motivates you to blog?

That writing is my job, my career, my passion. How could I do anything else?  And I’m a visual person. I love the pictures. Combine the two and you get a blogger.

40. Suggestion for your readers?

Follow me on my blog: www.tashneem.com; on facebook as Tashneem Ali Chaudhury and on Instagram as tashneemjournoreviews.
That’s all I want!

Interview With Fashion Blogger And Cosmochics Founder Shivi.

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Fashion Blogger Shivi

Recently I got a chance to communicate with one of the emerging fashion blogger and the lady who founded cosmochics Shivi. She shared her fashion funda, experience with blogging and how blogging helping her to make money. Here is a detail about conversation.

  1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

I say it is Audrey Hepburn. Her little black dress with 3 strands of necklace and large tortoiseshell sunglasses is an iconic style and is known as Audrey Hepburn inspired style.

She is an inspiration also because of her very basic wardrobe oozes only elegance and style without being boring.

I can also relate very well with her style as I am more of using key basic pieces from my wardrobe. Her cropped trousers, white linen shirts, little black dress, midi skirts, and statement sunglasses are all very basic pieces to add in your wardrobe yet very chic at the same time.

2. What made you decide to start blogging?

Honestly, it was an impromptu decision. All of us…10 friends (to be exact) were talking on WhatsApp group and suddenly a normal conversation about fashion and beauty lead to a decision to have a space for ourselves where we can share our passion about fashion, beauty, food, travel and our experiences with products and places!

  1. Favorite fashion magazine?

Oh, I read a few of them. I don’t really have a fav in magazines as I am more hooked on Pinterest! You have your own pinboard there and you can create your own mood boards. You can surf fashion, beauty, food, travel, DIYs and what not from all around the world!

Without making one’s head reel, Pinterest serves answers to all your questions on a silver platter!

However, I am not anti-magazine and to answer your question I do read Vogue, Elle, Femina & Harper’s Bazaar.

4. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I love my strappy Midi dress from HM and chunky sneakers. In addition to this, I am obsessed with some newly bought pearl bead and metallic hair clips from Zara.

Bucket bags, mom jeans (very helpful and love them as a new mom because being stylish at the same time is not a piece of cake!) and always obsessed with a pair of stylish Converse!

5. Celebrity crush?

I like Sonam Kapoor more as a fashion model than an actress. Also, not many people talk about Aditi Rao Hydari but I think her team puts a good effort in dressing her up. Sara Ali Khan is definitely a new name added to my board to stalk.

  1. What type of camera do you use?

I have a team who shoots my YouTube and Instagram Fashion videos. They use a full-frame camera which is best to capture the minutest detail!

For vlogging and Instagram stories I use my phone or my Canon M50 which is a blessing in a small size! It is a good vlogging camera too.

  1. Coffee or Tea?

Forever a tea totally! Does one chai please?

  1. Heels? or Flats?

Flats 😛 Comfort over fashion always!

  1. What is your dream job?

Bahahaha, isn’t dream job a myth! But then I would like to act or work as a PR for a celebrity. Is a dream too big? Well…. Don’t they say…if you dream it, you can do it?

  1. Name your Top 3 favorite brands.

Zara, HM, and Mango are my most loved at the moment. Of course, as per the collection, new names are added every year!

I do shop from Myntra, Ajio, The label life, and Koovs too as you get affordable chic in trend fashion items.

  1. Fashion Blogger ShiviFavorite lipstick color?

All shades of RED! Few of Purples.

  1. How many tattoos do you have?

None and I don’t plan on getting one any time soon.

  1. Favorite Quote?

  • Doing what others cannot do is talent,
  • Doing what talent cannot do is Genius!
  1. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

I think about my age. 😛 (If only I’ll tell you honestly)

  1. Five beauty products you can’t live without?

Kajal, lip balm, BB Cream, facial spray (to keep cool, of course) and eyebrow pencil 😛

  1. Hair “done” or messy?

Messy hair, I don’t care! Love it and my go-to style.

  1. Makeup or no makeup?

Can I say, No-makeup, makeup look! 😊

  1. Favorite item of clothing?

A pair of well-fitted denim jeans.

  1. Gym or exercising outdoors?

I love swimming, cycling and running so yes outdoor always.

  1. Can you cook?

I have a family and I cook all the meals of the day & night! I take no leaves and I don’t ask for a salary.

Fashion Blogger Shivi

21. Favorite food?

I am a foodie and naming just one dish would be a torture to other food items! Hope you can understand my emotions.

  1. Favorite drink?

Nothing soothes me better than a hot glass of milk and a cup of Chai. I don’t drink and never promote it too.

  1. Happiest moment?

Many! A recent one has to be seeing my baby’s face for the first time! 😊

  1. Blog or YouTube?

My blog gives me income and I won’t lie about it however, I am obsessed with YouTube too and started it last year. Have a look at it here:  Cosmochics

I am not very active on it right now but coming up with content for it soon.

  1. 9-5 job or full-time influencer?

Both have their own ups and downs.

For me, I loved my job at Amazon 2 years back! And I would love to go back doing that any day. But blogging and vlogging allow me more time with my 2-year-old baby and that is all that I need right now.

  1. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

I like posting a picture every day! It is best to stay connected.

  1. What’s your top Instagram tip?

Find your niche, stick to it, be consistent. Do giveaways and collabs for better and quicker visibility.

Finding one’s Niche is the most important factor. Also, do it if you are passionate about it. Not all bloggers earn good money, not every blogger can pay his/her bill. You also invest a good amount of money before you ca actually earn so, it is not a bed of roses, believe me!

  1. Who takes your pics?

My team or I take my own pictures.

  1. A most terrifying moment since being an influencer?

Not terrifying but seeing rude & mean comments do leave a scar.

  1. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

I can’t differentiate as the gifts and packages I receive are mostly from PRs 😛

But when PRs and Brands remember your birthday it gives you an extra reason to celebrate 😊

  1. Last thing you googled?

You made me check my own History! I googled about the new season of the Netflix series “How To Get Away With Murder”. It is pretty good. Check it out.

  1. Living in the city or living by the beach?

I love beaches but living there permanently will kill the charm. So, I would settle in a city 😊

  1. Partner or single?

I am married and a mom of a 2-year-old.

  1. Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

I love Shreya Jain for her beauty tutorials, komal Pandey for her unapologetic fashion videos,  Larissa for her travelogues, Aashna Shroff for all her perfect shots, gorgeous Malvika Sitlani and last but not the least Rohina Anand for her creative Insta feed.

But why to stop at 5 or 6? others that I follow…equally good, consistent and creative. Do check out Shivesh17, Simply Shalini, sejalkumar1195, Tushar Dixit films, pickuplimes, etc…all from varied fields but very talented people.

  1. How did you decide to become a fashion blogger?

I got married and went to China with my husband and I actually started blogging in 2008 and many are not aware of this fact. I wrote about the food we ate and the places we visited. I did it for a couple of months and then left the blog unanswered.

After a few years when I got back to India, I started Cosmochics.com in 2013

Was it a thoughtful choice?

Yes, but it was never started to earn money.

It was only to share experiences and to share a space with like-minded ladies about fashion and beauty. Slowly and gradually it took off and there came a time when 15 people were writing for cosmochics.com at one go!

  1. How was the response initially? Share some moments?

Cosmochics started  August of 2013 and my friends help me a lot. Within a few days, we crossed 1000 on Facebook which was a great deal back then! In 4 months, I started getting deals from brands and shortly I was writing reviews for brands like Lakme, Colorbar, Maybelline, Organic Harvest, Schwarzkopf, and many more beauty & Haircare brands.

In terms of fashion also as a blogger, I started doing pretty well. I use to share my daily outfit inspiration, the Shoe Wardrobe series caught everyone’s attention and readers like seeing what we were wearing(My friends and I started sharing shoes that we wore).

It was a big deal back then and not many bloggers were comfortable being on camera. Not many posed and posted their outfits of the day pictures, but we did it and we are so proud of all things and trends that we were a part of in that era!

Gradually, I started reviewing collection of big Fashion brands like Max fashion, Reliance Trends, Nautica etc.

I still can recall the excitement when the first time we got invited for Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai! It was almost like a faint dream…hahahaha…so surreal!

  1. Do you think Organised Stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers?

The overall concept of blogging and vlogging was to connect with people who shop.

With celebrities and models, people couldn’t connect much and readers and viewers wanted to see a change in the conceptualization of presenting fashion and beauty products in a way where they can connect.

Then came along bloggers like us who just poured their heart out and wrote what was on our mind. With vlogging, it became only easier as now the audience knew who they are seeing. They were aware of what is going on in our day to day lives.

So, yes brands do keep an eye… for example, the moment they come across an influencer talking about a product she needs. The brands looking out for coverage to send their products immediately.

  1. Whom do you envision as your target reader?

I started Cosmochics for women of all ages. It was more about providing information to women at the comfort of their computer screen. And hence we talked about Fashion, beauty and skincare for all. We have a readership between ages 16-45.

  1. What motivates you to blog?

I still do it as a hobby. I like doing this and hence 6 years already and I don’t feel exhausted. I take a break at regular intervals from blogging which is of utmost importance to keep one’s sanity 😛

Also, helping others and empowering women motivates me. I like when someone comes back and tells me that they used my recommended product and loved it! Similarly, I share my personal experiences & stories, and I do so to make the women feel confident who are connected with me on social media 😊

  1. Suggestion for your readers?

Not everything that you see on social media is true and success doesn’t come easy. Do note that behind a perfect shot there might be 100 other attempts that nearly took me 3 hours!

Behind every fashion show and a picture with a celebrity, there is hard work involved in reaching the place, standing for hours and covering the event.

Social media serves a picture-perfect lie! Most bloggers live two different lives, an Insta life, and a normal life. A normal life that you never get to see as they are able to pull off this fake lie online easily.

So, don’t beat yourself to get in that perfect shape if you see a blogger sporting a bikini. And don’t sulk when you see anyone at a dream destination. Don’t feel the pressures of social media, just be happy, Be You! 😊

You can follow cosmochics here WebsiteInstagram , Youtube, Facebook

जानिए एक पोर्न स्टार बनने के लिए कितने कठिन परीक्षा से गुजरना पड़ता हैं ?

in Hindi by

अक्सर लोग सोचते हैं की पोर्न स्टार की ज़िन्दगी बहुत अच्छी होती हैं | कोई काम का दबाब नहीं और काम भी ऐसा जिसमे पैसे भी हैं और मजे भी. अगर आपको जल्द से जल्द अमीर बनना हैं तो पोर्न स्टार बन जाओ ऐसा लोगो का मानना हैं | और ये बात १०० आने सच भी हैं | जल्द अमीर बनने का इससे शॉर्टकट तरीका शायद ही कोई हो | और साथ में रोज नई लड़की के साथ हमबिस्तर होने का मौका मिलता हैं सो अलग |

लेकिन क्या आप जानते हैं कि पोर्न स्टार के काम के लिए भी इंटरव्यू देना पड़ता हैं | और इंटरव्यू भी इतना मुश्किल की आपको यकीन करना मुश्किल होगा | जी हाँ अगर आप पोर्न स्टार के लिए होने वाले इंटरव्यू के बारे में सुनेंगे तो पोर्न स्टार का सपना देखना बंद कर देंगे और पोर्न स्टार्स के लिए आपकी नजरो में उनकी इज्जत बढ़ जाएगी |

रेड्डिट जो कि एक कंटेंट बेस्ड सोशल मीडिया साइट हैं वहा पर एक रेडिटेर ने अपनी एक बहुत ही दिलचस्प कहानी लिखी हैं | कहानी को पूरा पढ़ने के लिए निचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे

यहाँ पढ़े एक पोर्न स्टार का इंटरव्यू कैसे होता हैं | पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करे एक पोर्न स्टार का इंटरव्यू 

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