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Losing best friends

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You make more friends and lose some. It’s the circle of reality. Changes take place in your personality, environment, thought process each minute. Maybe the people you used to like are not the ones you want to keep from now on. And it’s difficult letting go of people who are close to you, specially your best friends. All the memories and promises keep pulling you back. And you must try harder to go away form them. It hurts to let go of best friends.

But the truth is if a thought enters your consciousness, it is stored there forever. So, if you feel that you don’t like someone from then onwards, it will be impossible to. These people have touched your lives in innumerable ways and innumerable times. They are a part of who you are today. They have helped you grow into your wiser and more mature self. Picked you up when you had no strength. Believed in you when no one else did. But this has to be accepted that you’ve done for each other all that could be done. No longer will you both benefit each other in any way. There will be endless changes and in order to make room for them, you need to lose a bit of your past.

No matter how much you miss the moments you spent together, they are gone and won’t come back. Nevertheless, life goes on and you’ll live through this pain. It may seem very upsetting for the time being but it will pass. From an year after you let go of people, it won’t affect you as much as when you were letting go. Invest more time in improving the bonds which are still strong. The people concerned with your future should be subjected to your time and emotions instead of the lost ones. It is something you will not regret.

Lost art of letter-writing

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One of the interesting facts we were taught as children was pigeons used as carriers. But in today’s evolutionary world, gone are the days when we need to make deliberate efforts in order to make something happen. Technology reaches to new pinnacle points everyday. Text messages, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, E-mail has left no scope for the lost art of letter-writing. Have you ever written a letter to someone? Or received a letter?

Letters which connected people on emotional level who were separated by distance. The mother writing a letter to her son who studied in a school miles away and expecting a reply. A soldier at post surviving each day by reading, and then re-reading letters sent to him by a lover and tracing the alphabets with his finger to remember the shape of his lover’s affection. A grandparent to find a desired disruption from a monotonous life to find an ‘I love you’ letter by their grandchild and pins the painting sent by the child along with the letter on door of his refrigerator longing for another to stick beside this one. Can you fathom the agony of a teenager who waits for her birthday letters just to affirm her faith in the fact that she is still loved?

They are more that words written by hand on a piece of paper. They are an expression of personal thoughts and significance for the recipient. Meaningful efforts to strengthen relationships as well as the sincere outpour of feelings of a person who took their time to write. The familiar form of genuine words fill the recipient up with comfort on receiving a letter after a painful wait.

Try writing a letter and post it to someone you care about and see the effects by yourself. I know for sure that I would certainly love to get a letter.

Remembered by good?

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About half an year ago, I asked a friend ‘what is it that he wants to be remembered by?’ after reading ‘The Fault in our Stars’ I’ve asked a lot of people this. A character in that novel wants to leave a mark on this world, wishes to be remembered by the generations to come. Likewise, oh-so-casually I put this question in front of him. He took a minute to respond with ‘I want to be remembered by good’. Up until today, I didn’t get what he meant.

Why would somebody want to be remembered by something unpleasant? Everybody wants to be remembered by good. And good things are supposed to be healthy, productive and benefiting for us and our future. But that’s not what he meant to say. Who decides what’s good anyway? Sleeping late is bad. Then when do artists create art? Eating junk food is bad. Then how do we enjoy our life of mere four days on earth?

As it struck me today, he had said with such simplicity that he desires to reside in the home of good memories created with honest emotions. Only memories are left after everything is over. We are no longer friends but when I sit recollecting all that we experienced, all the impressions left by him are warm and pleasing.

“They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” You have often heard this and been told an awful lot of times. And, believe me, it’s true. As I cast my mind back to all we went through I cannot recollect single conversation as precisely as the feelings I harbour. I seem to have forgotten the places we visited, the stories we shared, the looks we passed. But the surge of sentiments is still of same intensity.

Want to leave a mark? Be a good memory, a good feeling, a happy vibe and your impact will be powerful as it should be on the people you love. Be remembered by good.

13 reasons why you’ll never forget your school days!

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School Days were the most precious days. But we don’t realize this until we graduate from school. In school, we just keep on wishing for it to end. Here are 13 things all of us did in school time.

  1. Eating lunch before recess and then asking other friends for their lunchboxes.
  2. Waiting for sports period and keep on playing in the playground after the period is over with a plan to tell your teacher that nobody heard the bell ring.
  3. Singing ‘Good Morning Ma’am/Sir’ and ‘The Light has gone-The light has come.’ **Yes *embarrassed* we used to sing the latter in my school**
  4. Copying friends’s homework just the period before one in which it has to submitted. 
  5. Teasing your friend by name of their crush and insulting them in front of their crush.
  6. Taking part in annual functions so as to skip classes in the name of rehearsals. 
  7. The nicknames you had for the teachers and your friends.
  8. Mixing random chemicals to see what happens in chemistry lab. 
  9. The parties before vacations, on birthdays, on children’s day. Celebrating friendship days and counting who got the maximum number of bands.
  10. Passing notes in class because you were not allowed to talk. 
  11. Doodling on last page of notebooks, on blackboards, on benches, on walls in washrooms. 
  12. Hitting classmates with erasers and blaming someone else.
  13. Wondering on whom the fan will fall in case of an earthquake or how you’d save all the people in school if a terrorist attack occurred.
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