Challenge Students Face When Studying Abroad

These Are The Challenge Students Face When Studying Abroad

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Its been fifteen minutes and still, I am ruminating over and over; where to start from? Fixity is an ideal free state of being what we are and doing what we always want to do without any stoppage.

Fixity is the requisite ingredient in ‘everyone’s life, the realization of its cessation and replacement by the unfamiliar seems catastrophic in our smooth sail of life. Such is the catastrophe of students in college who have to let go of the fixity and enter the unfamiliar world, thus changing the notion of their present as past.

Pursuing higher studies, from the dream place is the desire of every single individual which keeps them cultivating in new dimensions of life; culturally as well as emotionally.

While the fear of ”change” remains constant in every student, it’s type decides the overruling factor for students shifting bases.

Students, in their 15 years of school life, get accustomed to an academic structure which restricts their knowledge to course books and increases their dependence on their teachers(just a matter of fact, it happens only in India)college, on the contrary, would involve a different course structure with a redefined student-professor relationship — entering this metamorphosed world of academics with changing notions of ”teachers” as ”professors” and ”classes” as ”lectures” muddles the fixity of ‘students’ life. For students who go abroad, this transformation has further implications.

The idea of coming to a new country or maybe new place brings a bag full of apprehensions for them, be it the fear of living amidst strangers, getting attuned to the new locations of the country or the life of traveling in the local public transport.

It’s even worse than the situation of the outstation student; at least they can communicate in their native language, have a little idea about ‘one’s own country but its entirely different journey for a student ‘who are going abroad to pursue his/her higher studies. It is like starting their lives from scratch(back to the square one).

Their pre-eminent apprehension is to make a new family not only in college but back in their new putative ”home.” While others would go back to their home embodying familiar faces waiting for them, they fear that their home will be an island surrounded by wilderness.

Always in the big woods when we leave familiar ground and step off alone into a new region, there will be, along with the feelings of curiosity and excitement, a little nagging of dread.

Might be there arouses a feeling of helplessness and despondency, but to every change, there is a miracle; to happen. Maybe not instantly, but sooner or later you will adapt, and start appreciating the power of individualism.

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