Top 10 Inspiring Stories Of The People Who Were Born In Slums

Top 10 Inspiring Stories Of The People Who Were Born In Slums

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It’s not always the famous ones who inspire us. The superheroes often emerge from the most unlikely places in the country, and Indian slums are no exception. Here are some top mind-boggling stories which will inspire you to do something extraordinary and turn your life upside-down with just a knack of experiences.

  1. Vikas- Runs a YouTube Channel

  • In the early years of his life, Vikas found the magic and glamour of the Internet and YouTube channels.
  • He started owning two channels, one of his YouTube channel user name called Mad About Tech.
  • The platform he used to deliver the latest information on Laptops and newly invented electronic gadgets.
  • He also offers everyday solutions to those struggling with technological/technical problems.
  1. Nisar Ahmad- Trainer at Usain Bolt’s home ground

  • Nisar Ahmad is a guy of a slum in Delhi.
  • He is the son of a rickshaw puller and household.
  • Nisar is ready to train at one of the most prestigious clubs in the world.
  1. Prathamesh Hirve- Engineer in ISRO

  • Coming from a 10X10 house in the slum of Filterpada in Powai, Mumbai.
  • Prathamesh became one out of nine people selected by ISRO from among 16,000 applicants.
  • It was his second attempt after he failed to qualify for the first time.
  • He worked really hard for ten years, and he didn’t let his failures defeat him.
  1. Shahnawaz Shaikh and Zakir Khan- who are rehabilitating drug addicts

  • They are the cofounders of “RedBoys Foundation.”
  • Zakir Khan and Shahnawaz Shaikh were on a mission to address and scrap one of the most significant issues existing in Mumbai slums.
  • Issues like-Alcoholism, drug abuse and illiteracy.
  • They also create awareness in Municipal schools.
  1. A girl – Journeyed from Slums to Films

  • People who live in slums is an almost everyday struggle for them.
  • A huge thanks to her teacher, “Anjali Didi” who inspired her to become the better version of herself.
  • She taught ‘why education is so important’ in making dreams come true and its crucial aspect in real life.
  • Recently, the girl finished her education, went to St. Xaviers College, and got a job at FutureEast Films.
  1. Priyanka Patil- ventured out of a slum to study at US University

  • Priyanka Patil, who lives in a Pune slum, got an opportunity in a “Tech for India” initiative that assisted her in realizing her potential and her dreams.
  • She worked hard and got admission in a US University.
  1. Dharavi girl- breaking barriers in education

  • She resides in Mumbai slums and gets upset when people talk to her in Hindi just because she is from Dharavi.
  • She goes to school and is very well educated.
  • She has a dream to write a book and sell it around the world.
  1. SSP Chaurasia- represented India at the Rio Olympics

  • Chaurasia grew up in Kolkata Slums with seven siblings.
  • His parents now own three houses in Kolkata and are one of India’s most successful golfers.
  • His entire journey is an inspiration- from living in a servants quarter to Olympics
  1. Chandan Nayak- Odisha slums to Germany

  • Chandan Nayak is an eleven-year-old boy living in Sabar Sahi Slums of Odisha’s capital.
  • He made the country proud by grabbing a chance to train with the Bayern-Munich Academy in Germany.
  • He travels all the way to Pune where he qualified and born an all level competition headed by Sunil Chettri, professional Indian Footballer and Skipper for the team.
  1. Slum-dwellers- tore upon a crashed car to save victims

  • People from Punjabi bagh slum came out of their houses with hammers and stones to protect accident victims.
  • They declined to play spectators and decided to save lives.

The dwellers loaded the victims on their cycle-karts and drove them up to the flyover so that they could be taken to the hospital.


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