A Transgender Activitist Madhuri Kharat Helping To Keep Piece In One Off The Poorest Area In Mumbai.

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A Transgender Activist Keeps the Peace in One of the Mumbai’s Poorest Areas:


In our Constitution, there are plenty of Equality and Social Rights but do we genuinely follow it? India is a democratic country. Everybody has their rights and power to exercise in this system of Government.

As citizens of this country, how often do we practice those rights? Madhuri Kharat is one such bright, and bold person living in dark corridors of  Lallubhai Compound follows it wisely.

She lives in Mumbai One of the biggest “SRA Colonies-termed as Short for Slum Rehabilitation, there is a tiny cluster of 65 yellowing buildings in Mankhurd houses it’s also known as city’s poorest inhabitants.

In Later years something around 2005, Mankhurd’s residents were transplanted to the outlying suburb. She was brought from some slums all over the city in a mass rehabilitation drive.

The entrance door of these people is marked with the name and a small scribbled flower. It’s the symbol of Madhuri, a middle-aged transgender person—the undisputed queen of the Mumbai’s Poorest areas. She played a crucial role in keeping peace in those slums and areas close to her.

She is a little bit Shy but Confident human being. She lives in the silent room, preceded by the sound of bangles and anklets. Madhuri loves bright Saris and glitter of Make-up Foundation. She is fond of wearing colorful Bindis on her forehead and dark Lipstick shades on her lips.

If you consider the surrounding areas of Lallubhai compound, one must find a more violent and regressive crime rate in that Locality. To be specific with Location Mankhurd is part of the M-East municipal ward.

This part of Bombay has Mumbai’s highest crime rate, a fifty-one point eight percent(51.8%) unemployment rate. It received water supply just for 15 minutes in a day and extended power outages.

It has an abysmal human development index (a statistic that combines life expectancy, education, and per capita income) of 0.05. Still, thousands of people live in Mumbai’s most impoverished area.

With only fifteen minutes of water daily, and extended power outages. Madhuri likes being appreciated for her work and the efforts she is taking to decrease the Crime Rate in Mankhurd.

Madhuri herself tells that she is responsible for peace in this part of Locality which is being ignored by Government. She speaks about the negligence of all the civic authorities and lawmakers.

Further, she also tells how they have failed as a system to look at the weakest section of Society in a proper and conditioned way. She also says the informed government official hasn’t entered the compound from a long time.

The following is the conversation posted on site between the Journalist and Madhuri. She says, “The police don’t want to waste their time on this tiring situation,” she says. Instead, when residents have trouble, they send for her “Police Panchayat procedure,” a selection of seven women and three men who are the first respondents to any scene of conflict.

The Panchayat grew out of an initiated activist Jockin Arputham who won the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2000. Madhuri also talks about the transit camps where the homeless shelter for over a year before being assigned quarters or homes in Lallubhai.

Arputham also set-up an alliance of women called the Mahila Milan. In Mahila Milan organization Madhuri was among the first to volunteer, causing a minor controversy. The other women wondered whether she wasn’t just a man in a sari, and resented the intrusion.

But Madhuri was bold and robust personality she stayed with Arputham arbitration. Worked hard and flourished. She later became the leader in the noise of the transit camps and started working for them.

Whenever there is an issue, people come to Panchayat, and she solves their case within five minutes. She believes in giving speedy justice for the one who was victimized and swift punishment to the ones who went against the law.

Lallubhai people believed in her so much and called her acts as miracles performed by God as she brought back missing children to homes and errant husbands, handled with peace the domestic violence cases in her Locality.

She also uses to settle love affairs if they have gone wrong, and everything from crime rate to property/family issues. Although she was exploited a lot and people use to make fun of her.

She continues to do good work for people living there. It’s high time when people need to realize that they are referred to as “Kinnar” because of Gender not because of Caste or religion. We need not make anything as “Religion or Caste conflict.”

There is also one of the Latest stories of Transgender Activist Sneha Kale. She is the one inspiring many individuals as she was the first transgender person to contest in Lok Sabha polls elections 2019 from Mumbai.

Sneha is twenty-six years old. She’s into the traditional business of transgender people, which is begging. Even after graduation, she is not able to do a proper job because of lack of employment opportunity for transgender people. Recently Maharashtra Election Commission declared an increase in the number of voters.

The overall percentage of Voters has increased of which the number of transgender called “Hijra” voters have been double. So they need somebody from their community to represent them for the progress of the Society.

Many great people dream and are working for transgender employment at every workplace since they are also part of Society and deserve equal opportunity in every sphere of life.

There is always some discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and intersex people. We need to fight against injustice done to them and grow as a better society altogether.




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