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Travel with Family or Solo: What’s Best for you?

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Why Solo Trip?

If you are a traveler and want to your unique kind of experience, then you should definitely go for Solo Trip! For a Solo trip, it takes an active person to work up the courage to take a solo trip. Some of us often get confused with which option to choose and if you are the one, stuck on making that decision for yourself this article will guide you throughout and will also give you special travel tips to follow before going on any Trip-Family or Solo.

Solo Trip has its own adventures and a fantastic Road Journey. It’s always essential to spend time with yourself and go on an introspection trip. You are still one decision away from a whole different life, which is far better to live and to enjoy at the same time.

The Pros of Travelling Solo :

  • You can choose your destination, according to you. (Whatever pleases you and makes you happy)
  • You can make lots of friends on the way-Its a fun trip to go to Solo!
  • You can explore more about yourself and get to learn a lot in the journey.
  • You will find your own way to find yourself when you get lost in big cities.
  • You need not to any compromises; you can finish your trip on your own terms.


Why  Family trip?

You have to choose what kind of person you are whether you like going out with your friends and Family or without them. Based on your personality and your requirements, you should plan accordingly. It’s your travel style to choose, with whom you are more comfortable and chill. If you want a bunch of friends to accompany you, gossip with you, and walk hand-in-hand on the trip, then you are definitely Family trip kind of person. Sometimes people want to hang out in a group for more fun and enjoyment.

The pros of traveling with Family?

  • Any number of people can go for Family Tour-just a different travel style
  • Its more economical and Cheap
  • There is always someone around to help you with anything
  • Multiple guides
  • Bunch of friends to gossip about and gave fun.

You who has to decide which style of traveling will work based on your choice of trip. Now here are specific tips given before going for any trip:

  • Fix the Best time to visit any place before going for Trip-(Generally it’s around December and January, since peak time so prior bookings are recommended).
  • Choose the sites who have functional connectivity of all the mode of transport. If All the places are well connected through roads and also well developed. So you can see a lot of markets or small towns in an array when you travel from one destination to another.
  • While moving to a hill station or any hilly area, there are these lots of curvy roads, and it may unsettle your stomach so do carry a raw lemon with you, and whenever you feel so, sip the juice of that lemon and voila you will be feeling hale and hearty as the horse in just five minutes
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