Videography Services

Conference Filming

Conferences provide a vital way of sharing new ideas and information and can spark new passion and interest in a subject or concern. However, without the right follow-up this attention can easily dissipate and be forgotten after the event.

Whether we are capturing interviews, speeches, presentations or workshops, our professional videographers will produce a conference film that gets to the very heart of your event and ensures the key messages and impact are not lost.

Our skill in creative story-telling means that the energy, passion and essential messages of your event shine through. We are experts in high quality image and sound recording, and offer a range of single camera and multi camera set-ups to suit your needs.

Corporate Event Filming Services

Whatever type of corporate event you are planning, our highly skilled videography team are ready to capture great film footage for you! We use the latest large sensor cameras and can edit all material for you in our fully equipped studio.

Whether you want to enhance your profile, build loyalty or disseminate ideas, our skillfully produced videos will greatly enhance the impact of your event.

Depending on your requirements, we can create full-length DVDs as well as video highlights of interviews and key events to provide a powerful retrospective that can be viewed online by a very wide audience.

PR Events & Parties

At Kanchan Creations, we know that for a PR event to succeed it needs to reach the largest possible target audience. The most effective way to achieve this is by communicating your key message through professional PR event filming. With us, you can capture the excitement of your event, generate kudos and effortlessly accentuate the status of any brand.

Our expertise in creating compelling visuals means that our filming services have the edge and we understand exactly how to convey the message at the heart of PR events – and how to best use that message to motivate viewers.

If you want your PR event to have the ‘wow’ factor, then speak to us about our event filming services.

Sudheer Rai