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Why you must avoid using free WordPress themes

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Selecting a WordPress theme in today’s world is a way more complicated process. There is not just a few technical steps involved in it but also imaginative thinking beyond the tiresome process.

It’s also quite the tough decision to choose because free WordPress offers a wide variety of themes and premium themes-available in the market. As a new blogger, are you thinking to grow your business on a global level? Or initially download the free WordPress and then, later on, convert into a premium theme. You might be wrong this time and definitely curse yourself later if you make that move. I am not saying this because of any other motive, this is the truth, and you should acknowledge it. Free WordPress themes are not evil, but they also come with several disadvantages.

If you have a really tight budget, you can download themes from the WordPress theme directory, but downloading themes from other sources will put you at high risk and danger.

So many of us often get stuck with this question? “Free” is a great word to use, but why would anyone give you things free of cost? Have you ever thought about it? Today I am going to list some of the reasons why you should avoid using free WordPress themes in general.

Disadvantages of using free WordPress Themes are as follows:

  • No Updates and no proper support system:
  1. Most of the free WordPress themes, you won’t be getting any support from the company for installing the themes or facing any issue while installing it.
  2. You won’t get any updates if your developer updates the theme in the future for bugs and advanced coding.
  3. This way, your site will be at high risk.
  • It has Encrypted Links:
  1. The worst thing about the WordPress is that they very often have encrypted links in the footer.
  2. The encrypted links are bad for Search Engine optimization and will pull down the ranking of your site.
  3. Why use Encrypted links when you can introduce and add your features to it.
  • Less variety in Features:
  1. Free themes will offer you lesser number of features integrated into the theme.
  2. For instance, a premium theme has premium slider plugins, ticket support plugins, contact forms, etc. incorporated into the theme.
  3. This is an enjoyable way of making your site trendiest and indulging with your potential customers.
  • It is not SEO-Optimized
  1. The ranking of your site will not be that much visible as compared to other websites.
  2. There will be hardly any in-build SEO options, and the coding will be unclear.
  3. On the other hand, the theme developers take care of different aspects of the premium-version.
  • Does not offer Theme-Panel
  1. Free WordPress does not offer theme options panel, so it’s difficult to code the language and create your customized design.
  2. Whereas the premium version gives you Theme Panel options so you can operate efficiently.


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