Worlds Largest Parrot

The world’s largest species of Parrot has been Discovered By Palaeontologists

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Previous Research:

According to last research, about 19 million years ago, the world’s most considerable PParrot use to live in New Zealand. All the endangered and extinct species are found on the land of New Zealand by Palaeontologists. Kakapo bird was the previously the giant Known Parrot in New Zealand. The new largest species of Parrot was also the member of an ancient New Zealand group of Parrots. It appears to be more primitive than the one existing nowadays.

 Paleontologists meaning?

It means the scientist who studies the fossils. It’s an ancient Greek word where “Palaeo” means being and “onto” means to study.  A person always tries to figure out how things were in ancient times by exploring their remains in fossil traces. Paleontologists are obsessed with all the things related to dinosaurs, rare species of animals, or maybe extinct-species. Becoming a paleontologist might make great sense for you.

Who’s the Hero Parrot Now?

A monster-sized parrot was found in a recent study. It won’t be anymore sitting on anybody’s shoulders. Its name is Heracles inexpectatus. It’s so named because of it’s the sheer size as he is three feet tall and weighed more than one stone. Its weight is almost 15.5 pounds. The bird uses it’s massive to crack open food according to a New Study.

Where was it FOUND?

As a part of a Mass excavation near the town of St. Bathans, on south Island of New Zealand, it was found. It was located close to the area famed for its fossils near New Zealand. The city is known for its bird Fossils dating back to Miocene period. (5.3-23 million years ago).

What the Giant parrot Eats:

The Parrot has a slightly-curvy beak which is very strong. It’s so strong that experts say that it could have eaten anything by cracking if he chose to eat. It can be even smaller parrots too.

Views of other Scientists:

Prof Worthy says that they have been excavating these Fossil deposits for 20 years now and every year reveals new birds and other animals. Added to this, they also spoke about Heracles that it’s one of the most spectacular birds they have found. There is no doubt that many great and unexpected species are yet to discover in this most exciting region of Fossil Deposits. “Heracles, as the largest parrot ever, no doubt with his stronger beak can very easily make other parrots as his meal”-said by Mike Archer, professor at UNSW.


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